A Once In A Lifetime Meeting With My Guardian Angel by (N.I.S–>)

An introduction from the interviewer.

Well, what can I say, this has been one of the most amusing interviews I have had with a writer. So much so, that this is the very first time on Book-Boost that I have written an introduction. Though, after reading the below, I doubt the author, who wishes to remain anonymous, would ever need any introduction again.

Where possible I have included the verbatim answers, as to edit, redact would remove from the pleasurable experience I had when I first read.

Not only will you smile at the responses, enjoy the art of the way responses are written, but also learn a thing or two!

Please enjoy meeting (N.I.S–>) and experiencing this journey! I know I have!

About the Books

A ONCE in A LIFETIME MEETING— with a Guardian Angel, and NOT JUST ANY Guardian Angel, but the ONE assigned to protect only me. MY GUARDIAN ANGEL…. and even MORE AMAZING… the meeting was actually… IN PERSON!

There’s fire in the house, in the kitchen, and not just something, MY SISTER IS ON FIRE…

And the little trouble makers, have been CAUGHT and placed in The Local Jail Cell, bars and all! The Police barricade holds off the persistent reporters trying to GET THE FULL STORY…

What’s your Book Blurb?

Book Blurb? I’ll have to research this one… BRB…

Back! Here’s what I found: How to write a book blurb in 4 steps

1– Introduce your main character(s) At its core, novels are a storytelling medium, and that means your blurb has to be about characters: Okay then! The Main Character in this story is “moi!” Yes, well, there’s actually three… “me, myself and I” heheh LOL sorry.., I tried to resist! I really did! (winks)

2— Set the stage for your primary conflict. The primary conflict is what drives your story.
The main conflict of this first book/story in my series is being faced with a dilemma, “How can I get this puppy dog I want SO BADLY, and more— How are we going to save her life with the clock running out ever so slowly, buy assuredly??? And how do we keep the level of panicking under control?..

3— Establish the stakes
(the stake are as HIGH as they GET! A life is IN THE BALANCE and TIME & RULES OF LAW are against us… the CHALLENGE IS ON!!!

4— Show the reader why this book is for them…
IF you LOVE RELATING to TRUE LIFE DRAMA and DOINGS… and watching a (TOTALLY) innocent (well okay– maybe not TOTALLY innocent) little boy get himself into more and moRE and MORE and M O R E fixes or troubles or situations… which can teach at the same time… MANY insights into HOW TO ACHIEVE the SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE…. and if you like ADVENTURES and always wanted to be… “THAT FLY ON THE WALL” with a real-life look… into the life and times of someone else… here’s your chance! And mine to share with you! :–)) Shall we?

About the Author: (N.I.S–>)

The Back Cover of My Guardian Angel IS thee About thee Author. Please be welcomed to read it. It says MUCH about my personal character… more than I wished to share… but I promised to be INCLUSIVE 199 million thousand hundred %. So I am! :–)) YOU GET… THE REAL STUFF from me here… I hope dearly, you’ll enjoy the journey with me. Please know from me to you, “You’s are WELCOMED HAPPILY!” :–))

Thanks for being here with me on this journey-adventure!

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

Yes– happily I can:

My story is about a moment in my life when I would find myself and over three hundred other souls in peril, about to lose our lives. Our lives were, in the literal sense, “In the balance.” I met the Guardian Angle that had been picked to watch over me all of my life in person that very day, and thankfully… I lived to share the story of that meeting. That’s what this series of stores is all about. “That” meeting– and the road travelled to get to that faith answered moment in time. :–))

 Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

Who might enjoy my story? Well– it’s a very personal story of trials and tribulations that encircled my faith in the spiritual work and the hereafter. And so; I hope that anyone who would love to restore their faith in Heaven, God, Jesus and the spiritual world, and those who wish to feel uplifted and to perhaps regain their hope might enjoy my story. As-well, anyone who LOVES adventures, and watching someone get into trouble have to find their way back out time and time again. A very RELATABLE story for many I’m certain. I was a true life Thrill Seeker, and THAT on its own, got me into fix after fix, and I always SOMEHOW MANAGED to get out! I know now, that my Guardian Angel had everything to DO with my results.

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

Oh my goodness, WHAT a LOADED query this one is! Can I plead the 5th? LOL… just kidding. Well– I’ll tell you a few:

1– Harper Lee Her writing and prose were gripping and once she gotcha, she would not let you go until thee very ending. To Kill A Mocking Bird

2- Jane Austen She too, took us on an intellectually challenging journey that made SENSE.

3- Tom Clancy The Sacketts Westerns– He brought thee old west TO LIFE in his stories.

4- Stephen King His Absolute MASTERY of the Craft of Writing in his book, “On Writing; A Memoir Of The Craft” Stunningly Clever. He tells a story while teaching us readers the ropes at the same time! He also reminds us to GET OUT AND WALK :–))

5- My very kind friend– Dean Koontz– Who’s writing is off the charts great! A VERY KIND man, humble but TO THE POINT and Dean if you’re reading this, I didn’t let the bastards win! :–)) Thanks kindly!”

6- My dear wondrous Mother, who co-authored a book with a man titled “Men In Green Faces”, she really knew the craft of storytelling. Those accomplished and renowned in the literary field referred to her fondly as, “The Mother Superior Of Writing”… and she sure was. As-well the best Mother one could ever imagine or dream of having. Thank you, Mom… for always being my greatest cheerleader and mentor in life. I turned out GOOD because of her. She’d written other books— a series of Westerns that she placed on the shelves and wouldn’t publish. If I can find them… I will FOR her.

 Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

Great query! Of all the things I could offer anyone as far as what I would consider Wisdom in the world of writing I’d offer this:

“Always use your heart, soul and spirit to write— if you truly wish to CONNECT with your reading audience… IE; our fellow human beings. We ALL go through many things in life, some good, some not-so-good, but ALL are experiences, and each one is UNIQUE to each and every one of us…NONE are thee exact same, and this leaves to door WIDE OPEN TO SHARE YOUR STORY… with KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHT that “YOUR PERSONAL STORY… will always be AUTHENTIC, IF you give US… THE REAL YOU! The REAL STUFF!” BE AUTHENTIC by SHOWING THE REAL YOU… you know… that one you have HIDDEN DEEP INSIDE OF YOU… HIDDEN from the rest of US and our world? Yeah, that one! :–)) And one more things I’d advice…. “FIND YOUR HAPPINESS” in whatever STORY or PROSE you’ve decided to share. Here’s a thought, “If YOU are bored with the story you’re telling, or it’s FORCED because you REALLY DON’T WANT to tell it… what do you think thee audience will pick up on? Yep… they’ll SENSE HOW YOU THE WRITER felt… instantly and you’ll be cursing the day you decided to go AGAINST your OWN GRAIN or INTUITION NOT to! Write what you truly wish to share… and share from YOUR DEPTHS…. not the manipulative lying, uncaring MIND inside.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

Can I be reached? I’m sorry to say, “No.” I have a good reason for this if you’d allow me to explain, please? The reason why I am not blogging, Facebook, twitter, linked in, web page or youtube channelling etc… if simple actually. I LOVE my FREEDOM TO BE. And what I mean by this is:P

#1– I don’t expect some miracle that I will become famous or renowned for my writing or stories. I have NO delusions of grandeur to that effect either. What I mean is that “If I am blogging or chatting or webbing with others… it translates to.. “Me NOT getting my writing/storytelling done… so that you wondrous readers/audience can have more (hopefully) wonderful stories TOO READ. And I intend to be a wondrous supplier of that need in the days and moments ahead!

2– I have NO Website at this time– but THAT may indeed change soon. I believe Amazon will be keeping whatever I write in a library of sorts, in-which my kind readers will be able to keep up to date on whatever I have published moving forward in the wondrous journey and adventure we’re about to head into together. I wonder IF— you MY readers are as excited about this journey as I YOUR writer am? I sure hope so, because I intend of being thee most inclusive storyteller of ALL TIME! I mean it too! I hope you’ll stay along for the ride… best buckle in safely… it’s gonna be a WILD, CRAZY, UNBELIEVABLE, INCONCEIVABLE and BUMPY RIDE!!! Just you read and see! :–))

From The Interviewer

Well I truly hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I have. If you have enjoyed the responses above and the style and approach taken you will find these to be a small glimpse of the story within A Once In A Lifetime Meeting With My Guardian Angel

Please feel free to leave a comment, and by all means, continue your journey with our mysterious, yet funny and enlightened author by purchasing the book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3eZEM0B


  1. I really enjoyed the interview and am looking forward to reading the book! I love crazy rides!!!!

  2. Hello Yvonne,

    Thank you kindly for your compliment. I look forward to sharing more soon. :–))

    I hope you liked my first book in the series. MANY MORE to follow! :–)) I’ll be sharing different series, in difference Genres as well as time goes on… God willing. Kindly always, (N.I.S–>) Blessings!

  3. I really liked this interview, (admittingly) sometimes I just skim over them because they don’t5 keep my attention…..I read this one through completely because it was REAL and kept my attention. Great interrview; straight forward, and genuine human being

    • 12.8.2020 Hi Kelley J, and thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments. You are much appreciated!

      I’m glad you enjoyed. I enjoyed doing this “first interview as an Author”.. wow! I still can’t believe I am actually a published writer now.

      Well, I sure hope you will read the books in the series I’ve created to share. There are five books so far now published.

      If you do read them, please leave comments or reviews with Amazon. I don’t know if you can on my Author’s page or not? But if so, please be welcomed too. It’s important for writers to learn how their readers feel about their writing, and for other readers to get a feel for what others thought as well.

      Thanks so much Kelley J! Hope this finds you and yours safe, and well in life!

      Happy Christmas!

      Kindly always,


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