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About the Book

You come to realize a relationship with your Lord is the only relationship that lasts forever. In picking up the pieces of your life once again, you thrust yourself further into your physical activity of pole vaulting, lifting weights, and start winning more titles. You start a local talk show to discuss mental illness and empower those battling the same demons. Your relationship in God is renewed as you learn to trust in others again. And then you are introduced to a Savior named Jesus. You turn your life over to the Lord and things are going well. You finally find love and marriage and for years live a sort of normalcy, especially for a person living with a demon held at bay. Surrounded by people who believe in you and want to see you succeed beyond measure, you pick up the pen and start writing a story, your story, to share with the world. To unite individuals while revering for our Savior.

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About the Author

Robert “Bobby” Bienvenu was born December 27, 1948 in a small southern Louisiana town, to a Middle-class family, when America was the strongest and most prosperous country in the world. Bob went to Catholic Schools all his life and was an altar boy, and also in Boy Scouts, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. “Those years of growing up as a boy were the greatest and happiest years of my life,” Bobbie stated. He graduated from Catholic High School in New Iberia, however as life continues to change, for good or bad, Robert would soon encounter the bad.

1. Can you tell us more about your book and what is it about?

 In 1948 I was born in St Martinville Louisiana a town in America who after the war was the richest and strongest nati, My family was an upper middle class family as my dad was a pharmacist haven graduated from Loyola in New Orleans La. and my mom was a housewife raising 7 children and although my dad was a war hero he didn’t know how to love his children especially myself who was named Robert after him and he took it out on me because i had his name and he was harder on me but besides my neglect from my dad growing up in a small middle town which were the backbone of American society in those days life for a young boy growing was a dream as I went to catholic where everyone knew everybody and we  looked out for each one and I was in the4 altar boys and the boy scouts where we went to camp every summer and I became an eagle scout and life in those days after America had beaten the Germans and Japanese was a dream and although we had dances on the weekends i was too shy to talk to the girls probably because of my socil phobia and schizophrenia and my non nurturing from my dad who never taught me anything at all but fear but all in all even with my hang-ups I was a happy boy and my mom was always there to help and take care of me. i when  I got older  went to a catholic school catholic high in the near town of New Iberia and it was an all boys school and after graduating from it I went to USL  a college in Lafayette Louisiana where my social phobia came into effect and  I didn’t make any friends except the friends from my home town as I was very shy and meek and although i wanted a girl friend no one was interested  and because of that non self esteem I just barely made it in school and that was when the 60s erupted and the Hippie lifestyle came into effect or counter rock revolution came into effect and I was all ready for it and my friends from town and i would smoke marijuana and made a TEE PEE  to camp out on a friends property an d because my dad had nothing to do with me I didn’t feel i belonged to my family so i made my hippie friends my  sort of surrogate family and we would spend time at a house i was living at the time while i was still going to USL and we would smoke marijuana and go to school but the 60s started to change as boys were starting to wear their hair long to and past the shoulders which i did and we wore bell bottom jeans and tie dye T shirts and i had my Nich I FELT LIKE I REALLY BELONGED SOMEWHERE  with my friends and then President Johnston implemented the draft for Vietnam and I got drafted after flunking out of college and like I said before about me having schizophrenia  it started to manifest during the stressful training at boot camp and because of the stressful rigorous training i had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and put in the mental hospital for 6 weeks and discharged with a Medical  honorable discharge and low and behold i was back in St Martinville again. Then although my dad didn’t have anything to do with me I went back to smoking dope doing acid and listening to moody blues pink floss the Beatles and all the rock groups of the time and by then we had gotten busted for growing marijuana in the Atchafalaya Basin and spent 30 days in jail at the time production of marijuana or growing it was a felony but we showed the authorities where we had grown up dope and they dropped the crime to a misdemeanor and thus the thirty days in jail then after they started getting married and getting jobs and some got girlfriends which I got but she mistreated me and soon I was all alone with no one but my mom who was always there for me no matter what other people did to me or abused me like my dad and others my mom was always in my corner. I then went from job to job working in hotels, offshore on boats and rigs and was even a boat driver but because of the schizophrenia I could not have any peace and by then I gave up all drugs because it made me paranoid therefore I was all alone in the late 70s  and I just wanted to be loved and accepted but no one especially women wanted me and I was intimidated and abused and used by many people and never taken seriously and even today many people don ‘t think much of me but today I have  Jesus as my back up and I am mostly content and this is the better part of my story.

Because of my illness although i was smart i couldn’t present myself  as an intelligent person with fear in my eyes so i culd never get a good job and always had the low paying jobs but i always worked an d even though many of my jobs because of my illness didn’t last long i always would find another and it was when i was working at a restaurant owned by one of my old buddies Possum that the manager Possums brother Todd told me that if I wanted  to learn about the BIBLE  TO talk to a man named Mike Fuselier and I started talking to mike who helped me get a job at a high school, Acadiana with him teaching the mentally slow kids with paralysis cerebral palsey down syndrom and musculardistrophy and me as his teachers aid and then  i learned that i was a veteran an d was eligible for benefits and at first i got 50 percent and later 100 percent and was ding well with my wife and then i got a job as a security guard and things were good but like in life things are always subject to change and i had to go bankrupt and my then wife who i had supported for 12 years divorced me i by then had started competing in powerlifting contests and had gone to a state championship and won my division in the 5o something age group and came home to show her my medal but her car wasn’t there and when i walked in  all the furniture was gone an d she had cleaned me out taking all my money betraying me and abandoning and divorcing me an d treating me like dirt on the few times I ran into her.

ON WITH MY STORY paranoid schizophrenia is about the worst of all the mental illnesses but with my GOD i have won  51 world championship championships and I have written 12 books with some of them being christian and sci fi and I am the host and owner of a TV show which has won many awards and i have been  doing it for 15 years so that is what God can do for someone stricken  with such a deadly illness

2. What encouraged you to write about this book and who do you dedicate this book to?

I wanted to write this book because my life from light to darkness to glory has been a miracle journey for a man stricken with this illness without hardly any support and almost no LOVE. It is thanks to God that I have accomplished the things I have done. I dedicate this book to my mom who never gave up on me and always accepted me as her child when no one would even give me a chance she was my saviour besides God and I dedicate all my books to Him.

3. How long did it take you to finish the book and what were the challenges you faced while writing it?

It took 6 months to write this book and since I had never written a book before I had to seek help from my editor to write the book. However, it was mostly written by myself with her assistance to help with correcting the grammar. Those were some of the challenges I faced. I was all alone with no writing class or anything and I think it was by the grace of GOD that I was able to write the book.

4. What one unique thing sets you and your book apart from others in your genre?

The one thing that sets me apart from others in my genre, was the fact that I had given myself totally to GOD, and received intuition in my mind from him on how I should word my thoughts and write this book. Plus the 11 other books I have written. I am what one would call an automatic writer as I don’t have to make an outline or plan o follow in my writings, I just have a general idea and sit at my computer and just write my stories.

I really think they are good stories, worthy to be read.

5. Who has been the most significant influence in your writing?

I would say that the most significant thing in my writing is the desire to be known in the literary circuit. Maybe, to be so well known that I would be famous the world over. I think my Sci-Fi and Christian books can attest to that. The main influence on my writing would have to be someone who believed in  me and loved me unconditionally and that was my mother Henrietta Bourque Bienvenu

 She is the only real person and woman who ever loved me so I give her KUDOS for inspiring me.

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