Not Where I’m From But Where I’m Going #AuthorInterview with Sinclaire Caruso

Sinclaire Caruso

About Not Where I’m From But Where I’m Going

Not Where I’m From But Where I’m Going

Not Where I’m From But Where I’m Going is a story of a young black girl born into generational curses. She is set on breaking her curse and have an endless amount of hope that sets her different from her family. She she goes into her adult life thinking life would be easy and she knows what she want, but find herself self-sabotaging and going deeper into a spiral. She has to make one decision that’ll change her life forever.

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About the Author

The author was born in New Orleans, LA. She had a rough upbringing and got blessed to get out of foster care and get adopted at the age of 15 by an amazing Italian family. She is driven and now serves her country in the Army.

 Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

My book is about this young black girl who is born in New Orleans, Louisiana into poverty, addiction and abuse. She is determined not to be like her mother and the people in her family. She ends up in foster care and becomes adopted by an amazing Italian family. The family goes through a crisis and she has to find herself and learn about life the hard way. This is all Non-Fiction. A true story.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

People who love motivational and perseverance kind of stories. People who are looking to adopt, and people who are adopted or in foster care. Everyone would love the book because it teaches you about self-sabotage, motivation, having everything one minute and losing it all the next.

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

I absolutely love self-help books. I love the story “A child called It.” And also “The Coldest Winter Ever.” These books helped me while i was in foster care and it made me not limit myself to my environment.

Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

The guidance I would offer is to read a lot! Also, be confident and know what you absolutely want to write about, research and take your time.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you?

Yes, I prefer personal emails. I love the bond between something personal and I want people to feel free to ask me anything privately.

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Qn 6: With the tragic events that have happened recently, with Covid-19 and events that led to the Black Lives Matter movement – How can you book help encourage and motivate readers to be a focus on where they are going and not where they are from?

The book can help encourage and motivate readers that they are not a product of their environment. It’s okay to protest for things you believe in, but to also keep in mind of the consequences that comes with it. Making sure to practice peace and not violence because the BLM movement is seen as a “scary” movement or that’s what the media want it to be portrayed as. So prove the media wrong, and practice safety. Being impulsive based on emotions is what got me into a lot of trouble in the book, it’s better to look at things at another angle.

Qn 7: Many writers have their own story of a struggle to tell, many write it into their stories, or in later years write memoirs. What event in your life has been the most challenging, and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging event in my life is when I became adopted by my amazing Italian family. I wasn’t used to privilege as you can see if you read the book. Also, I didn’t know how to be a good sister to my siblings considering I’ve never had that before. I overcame it by giving in and to stop my self-sabotaging behaviour and realizing that I was the cause of most of the pain I was holding onto. Once I took accountability for my actions, life started to get better from there.

Qn 8: The protagonist in Not Where I’m From But Where I’m Going has faced many challenges but her willpower pushes her forward to achieve more. How do you think the protagonist would tackle the challenges of 2020 and what advice would she give others?

I think the protagonist would tackle challenges by simply not being a product of her environment and reaching for the stars and knowing that it will be hard to achieve the life you want and that’s okay. The advice she should give others would be to realize that sometimes we are the antagonists as well. And once we start to better understand ourselves, life becomes a little bit easier. Another I would say is that you can’t go around blaming others for your life, that gets very old. You have to start taking action on YOUR life and build the life that YOU want.

Qn 9: Sometimes people think they have reached their peak in life – but only because they have been forced into a corner. Do you have any guidance to readers who might feel they have reached their maximum and cant do more?

 I think everyone’s meaning of “peak” can be different. Some are content with certain things in their life. I often ask myself, “can I provide a better for myself or is this where I want to be?” I also have to keep in mind that life changes you. Death happens, we lose love ones and life just throws curveballs. Just do what you want to do with a pure heart and if you want to reach for the stars go for it, but you will also have to fight for it as well.

Qn 10: Many readers will enjoy reading the true story in Not Where I’m From But Where I’m Going. Will you be writing a follow-up, or consider writing another book in a different genre?

Absolutely. I purposely left the book on a cliff hanger and will be writing a part two which will be even more crazy on this journey we call life.

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