Do you want your manuscript to acquire a modern-day eBook format? The following are the questions and answers with one of the best eBooks conversion companies.

We are having an interview with Ebookifi is a professional eBook formatting company that provides the facility of premium quality eBook conversion and formatting for Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, and many more.

What is Ebookifi, and what services do you offer?

Ebookifi is a premium platform providing eBook conversion services since 2008. We have emerged throughout the years as one of the best and most reliable eBook conversion companies due to our clients’ trust. We have several services that include affordable eBook conversion into rich formats for websites like Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook store, etc. Besides, we offer book scanning, eBook promotion, typo fixing, cover making, and many more.

What is the vision of Ebookifi?

We have resided our faith into believing that every author deserves the best formatting for his hard work in the form of a great book. We have observed that many great writings go unnoticed merely because their eBooks are not user-friendly or well-managed. Therefore, intending to help all the authors and writers out there, we have established Ebookifi. Our vision has been to improve the beautifully written words to get the design they deserve.

Why did you choose eBook conversion as your business?

We believe technology and innovation have taken over the world. More and more people are using devices to ease their life. Similarly, there has been a revolution in book reading too. Today, eBooks rule the market. But many eBooks aren’t liked or neglected because they don’t have a fashionable and desirable format. Here our company comes into the scene. Ebookifi started with this idea to enrich every possible book into a unique, attractive, and uniformed form so that every book gets the appreciation it deserves.

What are the distinguishing features of Ebookifi that set it apart from all other such companies?

Well, we agree that there are many more companies rendering similar services in the market. But Ebookifi has many unique features. Like we offer fast delivery because we work our best to provide the client with his desired material as soon as possible. And we do that with the client being thoroughly satisfied and fully involved with the process. This way, our client knows what are doing and how we are doing it to put his full trust in our service. We have the most skilled team that has thorough experience in this field. Our services are never compromised. Besides, we always keep modernization with us. Giving eBooks a creative yet innovative touch is our legacy.

What price range do you offer?

Well, as Ebookifi believes in making eBook conversion experience entirely fair, our prices are highly affordable. Our prices are varied depending on the client’s demands, whether customized or general. Our prices are straight-forward and entirely fair so that our clients are satisfied with our services and face no financial strain.

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