Undisputed Love #Book by Avery Kasper

About the Book

She asked herself over and over. “How can a man beat you half to death one day and say he loves you the next?”

This book will take YOU on an emotional roller coaster ride, a ride Josie Harris stayed on until she gained her wings on March 09, 2020. Imagine emotions in a state of constant chaos for most of your life? After decades of mental and physical abuse, Josie Harris at age 40 can finally have her side of the story heard. Josie fell in love with a man she thought loved her but over the years she realized he wasn’t capable of loving her the same way. For years, the father of her three children, and the man she was so in love with inflicted so much pain upon her causing heartache, loneliness, instability and so much more.

Did you know Females ages 18 to 35 generally experience the highest rates of intimate partner domestic violence? Never judge a book by its cover; judge the book by the stories.

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