I Am Sheffrou: An Alien Love Story (The Sheffrou Trilogy) by Cami Michaels @SabbaghCamille

July 20, 2021 Book-Boost 0

Tamara Walsh, dissatisfied by her humdrum life, longs for passion and adventure. Her wish becomes reality when she falls through a wormhole and lands on a desolate planet. There she meets Maashi, a Sheffrou, a powerful alien with intriguing abilities and an unusual occupation by Earth’s standards.
Maashi introduces her to the strange customs of his world and with time love blossoms between them. Tamara desperately searches for a way home, but she is torn between going home and staying with the Sheffrou she loves. As the aliens prepare to celebrate the most important event of the year, a shadow looms, a ruthless enemy who attacks under the cover of darkness….

VOODOOVILLE Part 1: Hell No To The Unknown! by Nova Chimera

July 14, 2021 Book-Boost 0

Welcome to the weirdest morning ever! Follow Spex, a seventeen-year-old boy with severe amnesia who wakes up in a strange new world filled with talking cats, witchdoctors, highly addictive slushies, and its very own criminal underworld. Throughout his journey, Spex desperately seeks the answer to his identity and a way of returning to his old life. In the course of this quest, he finds friendship, tangles with his personal demons, falls in love, gets involved in a gang war, and confronts his own mortality.

BlackWash: The Untold Stories of Reverse Racism by Rodney Cloud Hill @Rodneycloudhill

July 14, 2021 Book-Boost 0

BlackWash: The Untold Stories of Reverse Racism places you in an alternate reality where Africans/Blacks are in a superior position of power to Europeans/Whites. However, it only uses factual events from history and contemporary society (reversed) to tell that story. It is a satirical narrative of what racism would be like if Africans were the colonizers of Europe and created a nation named “Shamerika” from slave labour. There are over 200 References and an Index in the back of the book with the fictional words from the text, corresponding with the factual words.