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About the Book

EMPIRE OF ONE is the first book in Thaine Chase’s WANDERING INVADER SERIES, and is a mixture of past and present, mythology and science fiction, with some characters inspired by Irish mythology and the Lebor Gabála Érenn

Throughout history, no other race on Earth had more fight, desire, and bravery in their bellies than The FirBolg; ancient descendants of Inis na bhfiodhbhadh (or, present-day Ireland). And he was their greatest warrior with an immortal curse.

He’s assumed well over 200 identities to keep his lineage a secret as he traveled through history. He’s survived The Great Flood, The Plague, The Inquisition, and every major war ever fought in the past 5,000 years. He’s been a king, a slave, and every class status between the two. He knows how to win, lose, and draw — how to walk with guilt, fear, love, hate, and the burning hunger to feel the sweet release of death.

After thousands of years of hiding his true identity, fate finally catches up to our FirBolg hero in Winslow, Arizona, when doctors discover his advanced healing capabilities on the operating table after a violent accident. He is sent to a secret facility in Nevada to be studied as an extraterrestrial, and while under observation, our hero learns of an evil plot masterminded by an advanced alien army, hellbent on slaughtering the human race and colonizing planet Earth.

Now, he must escape his prison and somehow summon an army of mystics and warriors from the other side of the veil to challenge and defeat the alien invaders.

It will be a war of science versus sorcery — with neither side prepared to take any prisoners.

About the Author

Thaine Chase was born in Atlantic, Canada in the sixties — but raised in Toronto, Ontario.

He dabbled in writing as a hobby since the late 1980s, messing around with screenplays and poetry, but didn’t seriously consider giving his writing any real attention until after he turned 50. His first real attempt at writing fiction was a collection of short stories which he wrote over the course of a few years and finally complied them into one volume.

EMPIRE OF ONE is Thaine’s very first novel.

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