Author Advice

What should I do when using Social Media?

  • You should be focused on creating a community rather than driving sales.
  • Make contacts, friends, learn, explore. By doing so sales in your book will eventually come. If you start hard with the big sale… you might alienate people.
  • Don’t forget to share other peoples items too – it’s not all about you. In turn, these people could share your work.
  • Learn some of the hashtags and the power behind them. #RT #IAmReading #IAmWriting #WriterLift #WritingCommunity and of course #BookBoost 🙂

How do I use Twitter to help promote my book?

Look at other Authors – don’t be afraid to follow them and their followers – when new to Twitter it’s about creating your community – then building your fans.

Is Twitter really that useful?

Always remember the power of social media – you may not like it – but it can help you!

  • It can help you connect with other authors who can offer you guidance from their experience.
  • It can help you find future fans and readers.
  • It can help you find opportunities to showcase and promote your work.
  • It can help pick you up when you feel down.
  • It can help you find long-lasting friends and contacts.