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  • Writing a Christmas Story – Top 10 tips

    The post offers tips on how to write an engaging Christmas story for the whole family. It suggests incorporating themes of love, generosity, and the joy of giving with relatable characters. The author emphasizes the importance of a captivating plot, festive setting, and including elements of magic and Christmas traditions. Adding moments of humor, warmth,…

  • Top 10 Cities for Authors to Visit

    This piece presents ten cities famous for their inspiring literary histories – Paris, Tokyo, Dublin, Barcelona, New York City, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Reykjavik, and Belfast. Each city has unique offerings, from iconic libraries and bookstores to historical locations and spaces that have inspired renowned authors. The author also highlights famous works from Belfast, setting…

  • Manhattan Book Group Publisher Review

    Discover the Best of Hybrid Publishing with Manhattan Book Group: Quality, Support, and Flexibility. Read Our Comprehensive Review by Authors for Authors! […]

  • 10 most memorable first sentences in fiction

    10 More… Most Memorable First Sentences in Fiction

  • 10 Writing Tools to Help New Authors

    Being a new author can be daunting, but with the right tools, you can unleash your creativity and boost your confidence. Here are some must-have resources to make your writing journey smoother. For spell-checking, Grammarly […]

  • 10 tips for creating believable protagonists!

    Creating relatable protagonists relies on developing a strong backstory, flawed yet compelling characteristics, goals, internal conflicts, authentic dialogue, unique strengths, and emotional resonance. Characters should also be allowed to face challenges that catalyze growth and be placed in moral dilemmas. Similarly, when creating a protagonist, avoid pitfalls like unrealistic perfection, cultural stereotypes, one-dimensional traits, excessive…

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