Would you like to share your Writing Articles with the visitors of Book-Boost? Do you have a great guide on Character Development, Tenses, Grammar, Creating Realistic Scenes? Well if you do, I would love to host your article and share it with readers.

  • You retain ownership of your content.
  • Each page will have your details (you can specify what details to have)
  • All pages tweeted by @YourbookBooster
  • All pages SEO Optimised
  • Each page has buttons to tweet and share the page on Facebook
  • Also, each page will be a section for comments, so you can interact with the readers 🙂

So, this opportunity could be a great way to share your hard work, and help other authors along the way! Therefore it’s win-win. Actually, win-win-win. You can promote your writing, writers can benefit from your skill, and I can help many people by hosting and promoting what you’ve done.

Please email YourBookBoost@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter @YourBookBooster and we can discuss. I will certainly work with you to create a page that you will want to share.

This is a free service which I hope will help you and the authors you are in turn helping.

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    I am Happy to collaborate with any writers, book reviewers, article writers, to host their work for free and promote it. My Aim is to share the work and help other writers so they have access to guides, contacts and promotion opportunities so that they have the best opportunity to succeed at what they do.