Manhattan Book Group Publisher Review

Manhattan Book Group is a hybrid publishing company based in New York City. They provide publishing services to authors who want more control and flexibility than traditional publishing but more support than pure self-publishing. This in-depth review will evaluate Manhattan Book Group based on multiple author testimonials and our analysis across several key criteria.

Services Offered

Manhattan Book Group provides a comprehensive range of publishing services, including editing, design, distribution, marketing, and more. This detailed review will investigate these key services to assess their quality and effectiveness for authors.

  • Editorial – They help make the words good. They have editors who fix the words.
  • Cover Design – They make excellent covers for books. They have designers who draw book covers.
  • Interior Formatting – They make the inside of books look lovely.
  • Distribution – They help get books to stores and libraries.
  • Marketing -They help tell people about the books. They help on social media and emails.
  • Audiobook Production – They help make audiobooks. They get people to read the book out loud and record it.

The Manhattan Book Group does a lot to help people make and share books. Authors can focus on writing. The Manhattan Book Group does the rest.

Author Experience

Based on in-depth author testimonials, Manhattan Book Group consistently provides an excellent author experience. Here are the main themes that emerge:

Caring Support

Many writers say the people in Manhattan are very nice. They help the writers a lot. They advise the writers about all parts of their book. They want the writers to keep writing books for a long time.

The writers feel like they are working together with Manhattan, not just hiring them. The people in Manhattan care about the writers and want them to do well. This positive feedback is a recurring theme in their reviews.

Top Notch Quality

The writers say Manhattan does outstanding editing and proofreading. Manhattan makes the book covers and inside pages look very nice, too. The writers say Manhattan makes their books way better with editing, proofreading, covers, and inside-page design.

The writers are delighted that Manhattan edits their books to fix mistakes. Manhattan has experts who edit and proofread to make the writing better. And they have designers who make nice covers and inside pages.

Seamless Process

Many writers say it is so easy to publish with Manhattan. It is much easier than trying to publish regularly. The people in Manhattan make everything happen smoothly. They talk to the writers a lot to explain each step. The writers always know what is happening.

This is because Manhattan is very organized. They have a plan for every book. The Manhattan team works together very efficiently. The writers don’t have to wait long for things to happen. Manhattan gets books published fast but carefully.

Flexibility & Control

Manhattan is a different kind of publisher called a hybrid publisher. This means the writers can be more in charge of their books than with regular publishers. The writers like that they can make choices about their books with Manhattan.

The writers can decide things like the title and cover. The writers get to be involved in each step if they want. But they still get all the help and expertise from Manhattan.

Additional Benefits

Beyond the core publishing services, Manhattan Book Group provides additional benefits, including:

  • Industry Connections – Well-connected in the publishing world, opening doors for authors
  • Speed – Can take a book from manuscript to publication in under six months
  • Higher Royalties – Offers royalties of 50-70% for ebooks, above self-publishing averages


With its comprehensive publishing services, stellar author support, and added benefits, Manhattan Book Group emerges as a premier hybrid publishing option based on in-depth author reviews.

For authors seeking quality services, flexibility, higher royalties, and an empowering experience, MBG comes highly recommended. They have repeatedly helped authors bring their book visions to life with care and quality.

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