Crinolines and Carnage Vol 1: True Crime Through Time

About the Book

Poison and shooting and hacking, oh, my! Follow the ghastly crimes of three Victorian-era murders, and the murderesses behind them. Did Lydia Sherman really give arsenic to eleven of her family members? Was Lulu Prince temporarily insane, or just a gifted actress? And did the husband of Frankie Stewart Silver deserve his bloody end? (Probably, but don’t try it at home.)
Volume 1 also includes three delicious thematic recipes for those who like to mix a little seasoning with their macabre.

About the Author

A little about me…
I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom living in the great state of Texas!

Coming from a law enforcement family, I have always loved a good tale of true crime. I find them fascinating, but I have a tendency to lean a bit to the more macabre side of life.
I also have quite the thing for all things weird and kooky. If you want to talk paranormal, supernatural, the odd and unexplained… I’m your girl!

​When I’m not reading up on my “murder stories” (as my husband so lovingly puts it), playing D&D, or watching some sort of magical movie or show, I am rescuing and fostering senior dogs. Other than my children, that is my lifelong passion!
So please remember to adopt, not shop!

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