Keva Meets A Kitty

About the Book

Say hello to Keva and Phineas from Meadeville, Florida. Keva is a friendly and curious middle schooler who loves cats.

Phineas on the other hand, is a spicy orange tabby who loves to play at the park with his friends and eat meat scraps at the local deli.

One day, a chance encounter brings the two together, and after a little effort, Keva wins Phineas over, building a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Read and learn:

Discover facts about cats including their physical characteristics, temperament, and how to care for them properly.

Keep up with new words by reading the vocabulary bank at the end of the book.

Be on the lookout for more adventures involving this fun-loving pair!

About the Author

Eva and Keva are a mother and daughter duo who love books as well as creating imaginative characters.

Originally from Wisconsin, Eva is a master’s level professional in the field of psychology, an author, and book coach. She has written nearly a dozen books and helped countless clients fulfill their dreams of becoming writers.

Keva is an aspiring artist and guitar player. She enjoys drinking boba tea while reading Manga and Anime books.

They live in sunny Florida with their orange tabby cat, Phineas.

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