Christian Men Speak Up: For Sexually Exploited Women and Children

May 26, 2021 Book-Boost 0

We begin with a biblical understanding of sex and the vulnerability of sexual exploitation and trafficking victims. Therefore, it is imperative that Christian men are informed of the depravity in which sex trafficking exists in their community. This is the ethical principle of “proximity,” which argues that persons have a responsibility to engage issues as they present themselves in their immediate experience.

Pirates, Scoundrels, and Saints: PARAISO: Book One by Timothy Acker

May 18, 2021 Book-Boost 0

Pirates are still out there, flintlock pistols and schooners traded for assault rifles and black-painted Zodiacs.

Based on his experience as an international lawyer and pilot, Timothy Grant Acker tells a riveting tale of modern-day pirates in the unpredictable waters of the Caribbean.

The statute of limitations has run, so the story can be told.