Elderine: Dreams to Destiny

About the Book

A shortcut leads to a magical adventure when Jason is warped to a fantasy world. Befriending a young wizard, Emily, an imp called Sherbit and many others to help him on his quest. His destiny to defeat The Dark Lady who is plotting to destroy the peaceful land of Hasparia starts now.

A Magical Adventure of Discovery. When Jason finds himself running late for school he decides to take a shortcut, a shortcut that will change the course of his destiny and set him off on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. The Elderine Stone tells the tale of a normal boy who always dreamt of escaping reality, until one day he actually did! Finding himself magically warped into the world of Hasparia, only to discover that he is the Chosen One, destined to destroy a dark evil in the land. Joining up with his friends Emily and Sherbit, they travel together to unlock the truths, whilst at every turn dodge the scope of a mysterious force. Who, as it seems will stop at nothing until their quest has failed!

Elderine – The Trailer

About the Author

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in September 1984, Alan grew up in a supportive family that encouraged creativity and remembers being told childhood stories by his father of witches and goblins. He very quickly found an interest in all things magical and started thinking up his own stories. Growing up close to the Cave hill Forest Park, Alan had amble surroundings to inspire his creativity. He has always had a strong interest in fantasy fiction but has been known to dabble in other genres, even jotting down the odd poem or Children’s story. More of his work can be found at www.alanlawson.co.uk. Alan’s academic life has taken him from studying a BSc (Hons) in Communication to an MSc in Human Resource Management.

Alan also manages the book promotion website www.Book-Boost.com where he aims to help other writers share their stories.


Check out the maps I created for the world of Elderine. The Map of Hasparia, a kingdom with many secrets. Bordered in the north by the Mingus Mountain, a once scared land now forbidden, deserts to the east and sea to the west and south. An isolated kingdom where Jason finds himself magically transported.

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