About the Book

American society has finally decided to send the most horrifying criminals to live on an island in the middle of the ocean, there to spend the rest of their days waiting to die by violence, injury or illness. Murderers, child abusers, and other assorted sadists inhabit this world where no one is ever really safe, even from their closest friends.

Among the inmates is a handful of women found so vile that they deserve this fate. But one of them, Dancy Strauss, does not belong and she is ill equipped to deal with the threats that lurk around every rock and tree. When the inmate who runs the island casts his callous eyes upon the newcomer, her terror is magnified, but she sees a way to turn his interest to her advantage, maybe even into escape.

About the Author

I have been the copy chief at the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS for the past 20-plus years, where me and a team of other talented writers and reporters craft those BIG BOLD tabloid front pages and fight for truth, honest and the little guy.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

This book separates bad people, from REALLY bad people — those who have stepped so far down into violence and depravity that even prison isn’t sufficient punishment. Instead, the governments has come up with a simple and elegant solution: Send them to an island, give them all they need to live, food, water, clothing, primitive housing and let them do as they wish. The good people of the world will never have to worry about them again. There is no way off. For all anyone cares they can kill each other and no one will raise an eyebrow.

But what if there’s a mistake? What if someone sent there is innocent? A woman, no bigger than a high school cheerleader, trying to survive among the killers and rapists? This is her story. The tale of Dancy Strauss’ ability to survive and even hope for freedom.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

This is general fiction. It would be appealing to a wide range of readers from age 16 on up. It has violence but it is not graphic. Likewise there is sexual content but nothing more than PG. Anyone interested in justice, in crime and punishment, in psychological thrillers will enjoy it.

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

I’ve been inspired by so many books. I’d have to go back to grade school, to “Stuart Little” and “Charlotte’s Web,” but the works that really inspired me to write, that made me think, Damn that looks like fun are books like “The World According to Garp,” “The Sun Also Rises,” “A Farewell to Arms,” “Dune,” “Jaws.” and many others.

Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

It sounds simplistic, but if you’re a writer, write. Do it for yourself, because you enjoy it. Follow your heart. If you find success, all the better. For me, creating worlds, characters, drama, is the end game, not whether Hollywood call. Of course, I hope they do.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

Feel free to email me at asommers2007@gmail. I love to talk to readers and I always make time for fans.

Until a few months ago, I had extensive social media but suffered a bad hacking experience and took it all down. Eventually, I will reestablish, but for now, I’m a little gun-shy.

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