Are You Love Smart or Love Stupid?

Debunking the Myths That Stop You from Finding and Keeping Love

About the Book

If you could uncomplicate your love life, would you do it? Well, look no further! Marriage and relationship expert, Dr. Rachel Sims, has written this comprehensive guide to understanding and identifying the limiting and damaging myths that prevent many of us from experiencing fulfilling relationships. In this book, Dr. Sims provides an invaluable source of information, applicable real-life examples, as well as clear and concise takeaways to put you on the right path to finding and keeping love. This book will make you laugh, cry, and come away with a clear plan to uncomplicate your love life!

About the Author

Dr. Rachel Sims is the founder and owner of Uncomplicated Therapy, where she practices as a Professional Licensed Counselor specializing in marriage, relationships, and individual therapy. In her practice, Rachel applies attachment and cognitive-behavioral theories to assist others in pursuing and maintaining loving, healthy, and successful relationships. You can find her many helpful tips, tools, reflections on mental health, and her weekly Q&A about relationships on her highly successful Instagram account, “Uncomplicated Therapy.” She received her doctorate from Liberty University, and her undergraduate degree in education, and her master’s degree in counseling and guidance from Texas A&M-Kingsville. After working for over a decade in schools as a counselor, she chose to go into private practice. Rachel currently lives and practices in Fort Worth, Texas.

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