Daddy, what is love and what does love look like?

About the Book

Daddy, what is love and what does love look like?

Divine is a seasoned children’s book author, distinguished in his craft of nurturing words to life. He has devoted his career to amplifying the power of storytelling, focusing on essential life lessons and core values that shape the minds of the younger generation.

Divine embarked on the journey of creating this book with a sole purpose – to teach his daughter about the essence of true love. His passion to illuminate this profound emotion through the realm of literature was driven by his belief that love extends beyond mere words. He asserts that love is not merely expressed in the verbal affirmation of the word, but in the intricacy of actions that follow.

Divine has masterfully encapsulated the philosophy that love is both an expressive and actionable entity. He beautifully highlights that one can indeed profess their love, but the real validation of that love lies in the authenticity of their actions, which truly embodies their affection.

This book is a testament to his earnest wish that his daughter, along with all young girls and women, comprehends the importance of assessing the health of their friendships and relationships. It teaches them that they are deserving of a love that is pure, unyielding, and most importantly, respectful.

Divine aspires to cultivate an understanding in young minds that they should settle for nothing less than what they deserve – the best. In doing so, he not only shares a deep bond with his daughter but also encourages a sense of self-worth and mutual respect in all who encounter his words.

Divine’s compassionate nature, coupled with his innovative writing skills, has truly allowed him to create a piece of literature that not only resonates with his personal experiences but is also relatable to a broad audience. His understanding of children’s psychology and emotional intelligence helps him communicate complex concepts in an easy-to-understand, engaging way, thus making his work both impactful and endearing.

A proud father, dedicated life teacher, and an empathetic author, Divine’s primary goal through his work is to share invaluable life lessons with his readers, setting them on a path towards emotional maturity and enriched human experiences.

Daddy, what is love and what does love look like?

Daddy, what is love and what does love look like?

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