Disasters To Dreams: A Gritty Guide to Finding Success In The Face Of Failure

About the Book

Fired, robbed, divorced, and with two businesses down the drain, Chris Patrick was stuck on a one-way street of screwups and failures.

The life he was leading wasn’t what he wanted—but sometimes, not getting what you want is exactly what you need.

Disaster to Dreams is the story of one man’s biggest catastrophes and greatest comebacks, but it’s also a story that demonstrates how amazing opportunities lie just on the other side of adversity—if you’re willing to do the dirty work and dig through defeat. Refreshingly candid, this tough-love and unfiltered self-improvement guide will motivate you to transform stress into stability, train wrecks into trophies, and disasters into dreams.

You’ll discover:

The ultimate personal growth mindset to help you create your own rules and master life-changing manifestation.

Interviews with entrepreneurs, full of inspiration to help you power through any obstacle.
How to swallow your “bad” pride and ask people for help—because sometimes finding your purpose takes some hand-holding.

Self-reflection exercises to unearth the seeds to future success in the dirt of your past.
A step-by-step business-booming process that can improve your subpar enterprise into a prosperous empire.

Build triumph on the foundation of failure. No path is a dead-end, no matter how epic your mess of defeat. Get Disasters to Dreams and prepare for a path of limitless opportunity in your perfect storm of success!

About the Author

Chris Patrick is a real estate consultant and founder of The Patrick Group, a premier real estate firm in Las Vegas. With over $100 million sold since 2013, he was named in the top 1% for all Las Vegas Realtors and the number one top producer for Signature Real Estate Group. Previously, he owned three successful businesses and spent 15 satisfying years in sales, marketing, and customer service.

A hard-partying snowboard bum turned successful businessman, Chris’s rise to success was hard-earned and well-deserved. From a young age, he faced adversity as the son of an abusive father in a struggling family. At age 12, he was wrongly accused of and arrested for a horrible crime that destroyed his reputation, leaving him to deal with the trauma in the aftermath of the accusation. Through trials and tribulations, Chris persevered despite setbacks on the road to his eventual success, such as business failures, loss, and heartbreak. He hopes to inspire others to see the opportunity within their own failures, rather than shame and defeat, and overcome their serious hardships, traumatic events, or struggles in order to live their absolute best lives.

Chris currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife Erin, daughter Jameson, and three dogs. Learn more at chrispatrick.net.

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