The Wayfinder's Apprentice

The Wayfinder’s Apprentice (Shadows of the Umbra Book 1) by K Dezendorf @DezendorfK

May 14, 2021 Book-Boost 0

Rose knows the magical world of the Umbra exists. She’s been there before, and she longs to return to the land of fantasy and start a happier life. Stuck on Earth with only her trickster guardian and a displaced gang of elven siblings for company; Rose has a fateful run-in with a rogue wild elf and meets a Wayfinder, a gatekeeper of the portals between realms. However, Rose is horrified to discover the Umbra has changed since her first visit, finding herself caught up in unexpected conflicts, from warring god-like beings to dealings with demons. With many grueling choices ahead of her, Rose finds the dream she yearns for comes with a cost.

Understanding the Matrix within Internal Earth by Rena Price

May 10, 2021 Book-Boost 0

Have you ever felt as though your life is not complete? Do you feel as though something deep inside of you has been longing to just feel alive and understood? Have you felt as though even though your life is going well deep down inside of you something just wants more and that feeling or thirst never subsides? Well I will fulfil that thirst by allowing you to understand yourself on a level that lives within itself. “UNDERSTANDING THE MATRIX WITHIN INTERNAL EARTH”. You will uncover that hidden feeling that you know is there but once the external world calls you back as its existence you forget about your very own desire once again being fed its own understanding to feel complete…