Author Interview

Naturally Dietstyle by Ruha Thevi Veerasenan and Enrico Falgiani

A simple, easy and fun read, “Naturally DietStyle” is the ultimate all-in-one practical guide to Holistic Nutrition and Health.

This work summarises and delivers over 30 years of Holistic Nutrition research and practice – in plain terms.

If you ever thought that Nutrition was a difficult subject and Health just a dream… let this book show you otherwise!

Nutrition is really accessible to everyone, and this masterpiece is just the proof. […]

Author Interview

Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting That Speeds Up Weight-Loss: Lose Weight Quickly by Daniel Zeppieri @MagicNotions

Ketogenic diet, combined with intermittent fasting, is the quickest way to lose weight and really get healthy. As one who suffered with metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease, I found not only you lose weight, but improve your own health issues. My liver enzymes improved to normal, my cholesterol was back to normal, and even my sugar level to normal. […]