Author Interview

Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: The First Day of School by Dr. Terance Shipman @TeranceShipman

Mr Shipman’s book addresses the fear of many children setting off on that first day of school – the anxiety, the worry, and the imagined worst-case scenarios through the eyes of a little girl Banicia. Dewayne is a little brother to Banicia who is soon to start kindergarten. He knows all about kindergarten because his older sister told him. She happily recalls The First Day of School in Mr Shipman’s classroom. Mr Shipman is their kindergarten teacher and makes The First Day of School a memorable and delightful experience for all his students. Banicia reassures his brother that he will have a fantastic day at school. By the end of the book, the young boy is excited and looks forward to his first day at school in Mr Shipman’s classroom! […]