Humpty Dumpty was Pushed: A Novel by Marc Blatte

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4 AM. NYC.
Downtown’s most popular club has shut down for the night.
In the parking lot, next door its colossal doorman lies dead.

Black Sallie Blue Eyes—“so smooth he can take your socks off without touching your shoes” is on the case. He’s Troubled. Brilliant. Eccentric. Philosophically deep, with a predisposition darker than coal and loved by the New York City media for his “on the job” heroism.

Sal’s search for a killer is a gritty ride from Manhattan’s monied streets to the subsidized Section Eight PJs in Queens to the immigrant communities of the Boogie Down Bronx and their fierce survivors of ethnic wars.

In the detective’s world, Humpty Dumpty was pushed. Everything happens for a reason and everyone knows that sharing information with the cops is a certain way to decrease life expectancy. As he dredges the underbelly of a society filled with greed, ambition, lust, and sordid characters Sal attempts to find the facts that will bring the killer to justice.

About the Author

  • Grammy Nominee Best R&B Song
  • Winner of The ASCAP Award for Most Performed Country Music Song  
  • Recipient of The Ralph Peer Music Lifetime Achievement Award 
  • Multiple Clio Award Winner/Finalist
  • Winner of the Ad Age Award for Best Music in Advertising
  • Author of “Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed”, a novel.

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