Budtender Education available 4th Dec by Javier Armas @BudtenderE

About the Book

Budtender Education offers an inside view of the California Cannabis industry, written by Ex-Budtender, and Oakland Equity Cannabis leader, Javier Armas. From how Budtender Education was formed, the latest covid cannabis science, ecologically influenced business analysis, an array of cannabis political issues, wrapped with a Bay Area focus, this text is for anyone looking for a comprehensive analysis of modern cannabis from an insider’s perspective. As thousands find themselves serving cannabis in retail, receiving thousands of questions, this text is to educate Budtenders through the industry’s growing pains, helping the cannabis industry reach health and success.

About the Author

Javier Armas was born and raised in Oakland and worked as a Budtender through and after college, and now is an Oakland Equity Cannabis leader and owner of Javier’s Organics. After Budtending, Javier was a high school History teacher in Oakland, producing a relevant and engaging curriculum in history and social science for inner-city youth. Javier also worked as a Civil Rights Paralegal in Oakland, combating wage theft among immigrant workers.

Javier brings his Oakland experiences into the cannabis industry with a leadership position in the Bay Area Latino Cannabis Alliance, “BALCA,” as well as membership in the California Cannabis Industry Association, “CCIA,” and the National Cannabis Industry Association “NCIA.” Javier is always working with key industry leaders to steer cannabis towards justice, health, and success.

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