Toxic Boss Tracker

Journaling Workplace Misconduct

About the Book

The “Toxic Boss Tracker” is a journal crafted to help you document workplace misconduct and toxic bosses. Acting as both a personal archive and a tool for personal empowerment, it is essential for anyone facing difficult workplace scenarios.

Within this journal, you will find space to document bullying in the workplace, encounters with difficult superiors, and unhealthy organizational behaviors. It facilitates the creation of a tangible record of such events, crucial for any legal actions or formal complaints, while also providing a channel for emotional well-being at work and self-reflection.

‘Toxic Boss Tracker’ serves as a crucial tool for:

Personal Archive & Empowerment: Serves as a confidential space for documenting and reflecting on workplace challenges, empowering you to take action if necessary.
Documenting Key Issues: Enables you to record instances of bullying, difficulties with superiors, and problematic organizational behaviors, essential for establishing a legal or formal record.
Emotional Well-being and Self-Reflection: Provides a supportive environment for emotional processing and reflective journaling, helping you manage workplace stress.
Professional Growth: Supports your professional development by documenting experiences with workplace harassment and challenging authority figures.
Workday Reflections: Features dedicated sections for detailing specific incidents and noting witnesses, which helps in recognizing patterns of behavior and aiding in conflict resolution.
Advocacy & Employee Rights: Encourages you to assert your rights, reclaim your narrative, and advocate for a respectful workplace.
Resilience & Triumph: Guides you through workplace challenges, promoting a journey of empowerment, resilience, and triumph over adversity.
Choose the “Toxic Boss Tracker” to begin your journey towards a healthier, more respectful work environment. Your voice matters—join others in shedding light on workplace harassment and advocating for positive change.

About the Author

I wanted to remain anonymous. I have been harassed a work and when I tried to file a complaint I realized I didn’t have enough documentation. That’s why I created this book.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

This is a journal for anyone in a toxic work environment to use either as therapy or documentation for future legal action. Workplaces can be challenging and mistreatment can be hard to provide. This is a resource for documenting workplace mistreatment or harassment.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

This book is for anyone who feels they are being treated unfairly or even bullied at work, by a boss or co-worker. Many people have been in that situation and don’t know how or where to keep a record of the things that are happening.

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