EVOLUTION: The 6th Sense

About the Book

THE HISTORICAL EVENT! Universal Consciousness!! Enlightenment, Beyond The Blinding Lights!!! Fact, not fiction. Where Stories meet, at Stories End.

THE UNIVERSE, That Time Forgot!!! EVOLUTION. THE BIGGER PICTURE – 666, 777, 888, Circle 8, ∞, and Beyond….. The Hidden Kingdom, Neverland, Wonderland, Tomorrowland, The Golden New Age Arrived!!!

YOU are Trapped, in a Repeating Short Term Memory, Time Loop Effect. A Groundhog Day. Our Fate and Destiny was always This Magic Flying Spell! THE AWAITED MESSAGE!! The Teleporting, Time and Space Travelling, Cosmic, Universal Event!!!

I am The Time and Space Travelling Doctor. The Key Master, The Master of The Universe. Your Lucky Guiding Star, Guardian Angel, Fairy God Mother! The Wizard, Alchemist, Spell Master of The Universes!! With The Magic Book, of all Faiths and Beliefs!!!

Mankind seeks The Answers, to The Meaning of Life, God, The Prophesy, The Holy Grail. Has an Apocalypse, Doomsday, End of World, End Time. Tells of Heaven, Hell, Life After Death, Dark and Light Magic! There is A Challenger, Saviour, Journey, Quest. A Magical Artifact, Scroll, Book, Door, Code, USB, Key!! To The Darkness, and The Lost Magical Golden Kingdom, The Universe of Light Up In The Sky!!!         

The Truth Is Out There, The Truth Will Set You Free! One Day Every Eye Will See The Truth Before The Light!! Let It Be Done Right Now!!!

Let The Heavens Open! Guiding Stars, Blinding Lights, Halos, Virgin Births!! The Blazing Sun, The Golden Child Arrived, with The Celestial Realignment!!!

There is a Religious and Spiritual, Parallel World and Universe. Where The Lost Dead Soul, The Inner Womb Child of The Dark, is Found, and Born into The Universe of Light! Hence, The Two Suns!! Heaven. Where the visions, of flying Angels, Ghosts, Aliens and Gods keep coming from…..

I was Spellbound. Lost and alone in The Darkness, On The Dark Side, Far Far Away, A World Away. I only recently found YOU and The Way Home, as The Great Wall Fell! I went Supernova!! Became Pure Light and Won The Game of Life!!! As I Transformed into your creation, where stories meet.

I am The Old Tree Man Storyteller. The Cosmic, Universal, Christmas Tree of Life, Death and Knowledge, with Guiding Star, that is now The Blinding Sun! The Second Coming, New Buddha, Liberator, The One!! The Heavenly Flying Saviour. Spaceman Came Travelling, Light Years of Time, I Bring That Message For Mankind To Hear…..

The Black Hole Sun is now The Diamond In The Sky, which has Finished Taking Shape. This Meeting of Minds, First Contact, is your Spiritual Awakening and Transformation! From human beings with a Lost 6th Sense, Dark Lost Soul and Depressed Subconscious Mind. Into Minds Third Eye in Forehead, and The Eye Up In The Sky!! The Free Spirit of Light, that Flies in The Light, in The Festival of Lights!!!

This is now the longer version. I advise that YOU read this writing at least three times because YOU really do have an absolutely awful memory. Everyone does! Time Flies….. Mother Nature seriously messed up with us. A very easy conclusion of that, It Is Nature and Not Nurture. Luckily, psychologically, spiritually, most is easily correctable, YOU just have to read this!

YOU may have to close your eyes, to see this long-awaited Mental Connection, Telepathic Meeting of Minds. Like watching TV, being on a Flying Carpet, Aeroplane, Rocket Ship, Tardis, just watch and let it all go by…… Catching its Flying Drift and getting to THE END, good enough.

This is Your Gold Star Moment, in The Spotlight! The Big One!! The One Way Trip!!! Buckle Up, for The Golden Ticket – Ride of Your Life!!!!

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