The Petal (The Wicked Roses Book 1) @fattiboomboom

About the Book

Gone is the awkward, gangly teenager she once was. Now, Kiera Benjamin is an artist, a dreamer and a woman on a mission. In order to open a successful art gallery in the memory of her mother, Kiera has to put on her best face and find an investor that will make it happen. Little does she know that her pursuit will lead her right to the one man everyone has warned her about.

With blood on his hands and a smirk on his face, Sebastien Reed is as dangerous as he is beautiful. No matter, how much she tries to guard her heart against him, there’s something about him that tells Kiera it’s already too late.

However, things are never how it seems. Sebastien is shrouded in mystery and harbors a secret that might break Kiera before she ever acknowledges her feelings for him.
Can these two find their way back to each other or will betrayal and heartbreak end their story before it ever truly starts?

About the Author

About C.S. Kading and Tony Fuentes

Peggy Chan is a happy grandmother who likes reading, travelling, golfing, gardening and creative writing. Her short reads were written for those who do not have the time to read long novels but like stories that are short and entertaining.

She has published English Grammar books in her home country to help those who want to learn grammatically correct English: “English Grammar : A Malaysian Student Guide” and “Casey and Penny’s guide to English”, a series of four books. She has also published the “Yes, I can Read” series of well-loved tales retold in simple language for young readers.

Her short stories and non-fiction books are available online on and other platforms.

She also has blogs in which she shares her thoughts and pictures of places that she has been to. is one of them.

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