SO WHAT IF YOU HAVE FAILED! Be Inspired by Ferleen Verneuil-Joseph @verneuiljoseph

April 14, 2021 Book-Boost 2

The result of the authors many experiences of failing along the way of progressing, moving on and Prospering.
Your situation regardless of it being seemingly hopeless, does not have to make you end there and give up! This book with its two sections will solely bring you the comfort and strength that you need to remain positive, as
well as being inspired and motivated to push yourself and even others forward. It will give you power to believe in the words and envision yourself at the top again!

Calibrate: 21 keys for a healthier mind by Christopher C Scott @cavedevotionals

April 12, 2021 Book-Boost 0

This life-changing 21 Day Devotional is full of practical thoughts and biblical insights that have helped many people experience Healing, Clarity and Personal Breakthrough. This Cave Devotional will challenge your mind to be healthier by engaging key areas of growth such as Relationships, Forgiveness, Purpose and Forgotten Dreams. Included in this volume are daily Life Applications that will help you apply the wisdom revealed to your personal life.

Hollywood Endings and How to Get One: Using Imagination and Intention

April 12, 2021 Book-Boost 0

Yes, you can create what you want with imagination an intention. The movie themes the world loves are few and simple; they are the themes that have been portrayed over and over since Hollywood began to make movies. These classics have the most wonderful endings: love overcomes all; good defeats evil; the wayward child comes home. Anyone can be a hero, and everyone has a Guardian Angel.