Lucy & the Lake Monster

About the Book

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture!

Co-written by Academy-Award-considered filmmaker Richard Rossi and retired school teacher Kelly Tabor, “Lucy and the Lake Monster” is a children’s series and soon-to-be feature film that masterfully illustrates how to overcome mental health challenges like worry, depression, and anxiety with childlike faith. “Lucy and the Lake Monster” delivers a strong anti-bullying message that make this story relevant for today’s young reader.

This is a fun adventure that teaches children to have faith in their resolve and to find the strength to overcome adversity. Lucy is a little girl determined to find the legendary Lake Monster, Champ. Along the way, through the guidance of her Grandfather, Lucy also finds the faith and courage to triumph over the hardships in her life.

The book is not only an engaging story but also contains bold threads of symbolism reminiscent of C.S. Lewis, but don’t let scare you away – it’s a ripping good yarn.

The movie was filmed in Port Henry, New York, the home of Champ, and now that the book is available we can’t wait for the movie to make its debut!

About the Author

Kelly Tabor is a retired fourth grade school teacher who served public schools in North and South Carolina. She grew up in Crown Point, New York, and her childhood adventures looking for Champ were the inspiration and muse for the “Lucy and the Lake Monster” book and film. Richard Rossi is an Academy Award-considered filmmaker (Canaan Land, Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story, Baseball’s Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories) and novelist (Stick Man, Canaan Land). Richard and Kelly have been friends nearly forty years.

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