He Keeps Running Back: Season One

About the Book

On the night before his first Superbowl game, Andre Waters, AKA the running back, was shot three times in a hotel room. Andre is a remarkably talented football phenom. He is sensational on the field, and as he runs the ball effortlessly, he exemplifies the same legendary influence of the legendary Pheidippides, known as the originator of the marathon.

Dre is so exceptional and marvelous on the gridiron with the pigskin in his hands that it is difficult to believe he is so fantastically lousy off-field blundering his relationships. Andre keeps running back between the women in his life clumsily floundering and fumbling the hearts of his love interests. As Dre shatters rushing records, he is shattered by the backlash of his philandering, double-dealing ways.

Andre can outrun the swiftest defense, but he will never be able to outdistance his hedonistic impulses, libertine lusts, and self-indulgent cravings. Running Back tells the story of Dre’s dominant performances competing in football directly contrasting his futile efforts to manage the competition for his affections between his high school sweetheart Stephanie and his undergrad baddie Tina. His physical gifts propel him to the United States Football League, but Andre Waters falls victim to his inner desires sending him into a lustful abyss. On a journey to find true love and happiness, he finds heartache, pain, and failure. The sacrifice for love will come at a cost no heart is willing to pay.

The action off the field will keep you feenin’ for more as Dre runs back between delight and devotion. Nothing can stop him on the field, but off field a blindside tackle of passion will stop him dead in his tracks. Before the mystery of who shot Andre is revealed, this story will take you on an adventure from the inner-city streets of Fort Worth, Texas to the backwoods of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

About the Author

Earnest Lee is a novelist, poet, lyricist, and playwright. He is a Texas Peace Officer by trade and a fiction writer by calling. Coauthor of the Running Back Series and the King Series, Earnest Lee enjoys collaborating with childhood friend Mikah Reign. Newbie to books, Earnest Lee has almost three decades under his belt as a writer. He revels in the opportunity to paint pictures with vivid stories that are imaginative and authentic. Earnest Lee lives in Funkytown Fort Worth Texas with his wife and two adult children.

Mikah Reign is a novelist, poet, lyricist, and actor. He is a Texas Peace Officer by trade and a passionate fiction writer. Coauthor of the Running Back Series and the King Series, Mikah enjoys collaborating with childhood friend Earnest Lee. Mikah is a talented sketch artist, and he relishes creating characters in make-believe worlds on pages of sketchbooks. Mikah’s creativity spills over from drawing to writing as he mixes romance and drama cultivating unforgettable tales filled with unimaginable twists and turns. Mikah was born and raised in Funkytown Fort Worth and he is a proud single parent of two youngins.

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