About the Book

BitterSweet III: Sadre’s Story is the last book of its series, taking us back to the streets of Compton but, with Ashley’s best friend, Sadre behind the wheel. How did a millionaire basketball wife end up back in the hood?
Sadre’s once happy mansion that she shared with her husband, Melvin and baby girl, Brooklyn, is shattered by his serial infidelity and a basketball injury. While going through a nasty divorce, a fatal car crash kills Sadre’s lifeline; her parents. Her sister Theresa, who is the executor over their parent’s estate, abuses her power by allowing greed to destroy the family’s fortune. Sadre never worked a day in her life and was used to being spoiled but, a turn of events forced her into a life of scamming and dope dealing.
Without any time to grieve, Sadre is on the fast track to living the high life by any means necessary. Her dark past comes back to haunt her which leads to murder, mystery and mayhem. The plot thickens when a dope dealer falls deeply in love with her bu,t all she yearns for is to take over his empire. Follow Sadre’s story into a life of crime, passion and scandal.

About the Author

Amber Hopson grew up in Compton, California and always had a knack for writing poems, short stories and raps. . Her writing skills lead her to a flourishing career as a rap artist in the mid-nineties, signed to Warren G’s production company called G-Funk; with an all-female rap group called Da 5Footaz. Now, she owns a hair salon in Tarzana, California. In her free time, she is a stock day-trader and writes books. She has 4 other books under her belt that she self-published:
Bittersweet: A Hood Novel
Bittersweet II: The Stage
Bittersweet III: Sadre’s Story
Boss Moves: What They Didn’t Teach You In Beauty School
Boss Moves: A Journal

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