Radical Odds: Phase One

Available for Pre-order Release date May 2022

About the Book

Niko, an American boy in 1984, moves to division three of the United States Government run by The Parliament, a society of scientists with one mission. Safeguard the human species.
There’s no time for games in Truth or consequences, NM when the only high stakes are the ones outside the border. Now, Niko must come to grips with a family he knows little about and in a position within the world he didn’t expect.

Radical Odds
In 1948 the U.S Army caught a glimpse of an unidentifiable flying object outside Walker Air Force Base in Roswell, New Mexico. Scientists discovered it and then further probed the aircraft established in the earth of Comanche Hill.
Inside the hull of that ship, a life form.
Rumours continued to surface on the mysterious sighting and military presence.
None, however, would be verified. And then it happened.

In 1952, Area 51 was breached.
The resulting implication was devastation.
Extraterrestrial beings plunged the earth into a historical shift.

By 1956 the most significant scientific minds developed a genetic serum to boost the human genome.
The modification was necessary for survival

About the Author

Blogger “Liv By The Broad”, Mother, And Influencer. From Houston, Tx; I have been to school for the criminal justice (major) and healthcare(minor), having work experience in the field of home health as well as various self-employment; Data entry & reviews to product descriptions.
In a way I try a little of this and a little of that but, one thing remained the same. My love for the written word. You could also say my experience and education, sprinkled atop like an array of flavours on ice cream helped to shape me as an Author.
Take a scoop won’t you?

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