Some People Will Some People Won’t: Wake the Hell Up & Live a Better Life by Frank Romeo @iamfrankromeo

About the Book

Hey you! Yeah you.

If you picked this book up, that means something caught your attention.

For years and years we have been taught many ways in which we can seek out self-help. Frank Romeo has expertly crafted a brilliant self-help book which is designed to redefine the genre.

As Romeo says “The book isn’t made for the faint of heart. It is not a pat on the back…”. In his comprehensive guide he provides you unfiltered details which will allow you to obtain maximum knowledge, while being easy to follow.

Romeo has written Some People Will Some People Won’t as an anecdote from his personal experiences. He offers a unique perspective which can be summarised as “Wake the Hell Up and Live a Better Life”.

From cutting the bullshit and taking responsibility to learning the difference between relationships and relationshits, this guide is bursting with life improving content. It teaches you about your comfort zone, self awareness, the fact that you are not entitled and so much more…

Whether you’re just starting a life improvement journey or you want to try a new angle, this book is the perfect companion.

So, what are you waiting for? Start a new self-help journey now!

About the Author

Frank Romeo is an actor, writer and music composer born in Montreal, Canada on July 8 1993. He started his career as a musician and quickly moved to the movie industry by composing music for trailers and original soundtracks until he fell in love with acting and screenwriting for TV, shorts and feature films. Romeo recently released a self-help book titled “Some People Will, Some People Won’t – Wake the hell up & live a better life”. A book packed with stories taken from his life and aiming to help anyone on a self-help journey.

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