Finding Lorena: A Time Travel Romance

The Kindle edition of Finding Lorena will be available at the reduced price of $2.99 through March 15.

About Finding Lorena: A Time Travel Romance

Finding Lorena: A Time Travel Romance: Imagine being able to do it all again, going back to live with everything you’ve learned.
and knowing everything that’s happened in the world during your lifetime. That’s exactly what happens to Connor Grace, a middle-aged divorced school teacher who is hit by a car in downtown Charleston and wakes up as a teenager again in the late 1980s.
Young again, he seeks out the woman whom he knows will eventually become his true love and sets out to right the wrongs of the past. As he tries to make sense of the tumultuous times he had already lived through once before, he discovers that he isn’t the only one who has come back.
In Finding Lorena, time travel, romance, organized crime, southern charm, Israeli martial arts, and self-discovery coalesce in an action-adventure love story for the ages…well, maybe a few different ages.

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Finding Lorena: A Time Travel Romance

About the Author

Michael Bartos is a practising psychiatrist who has lived in Charleston, South Carolina and the Bay Area of California, both main settings of Finding Lorena. The lyrical beauty of the South Carolina Low Country has influenced much of his writing including his first novel “BASH: Love, Madness, and Murder, a satirical tale” about an undercover reporter who gets trapped inside a hospital for the criminally insane because of mistaken identity. Dr Bartos started writing “BASH: Love, Madness, and Murder” while he was chief of staff of one of the largest forensic hospitals in the country.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book, Finding Lorena: A Time Travel Romance, What is it about?

Finding Lorena is a romantic adventure that involves time travel with a touch of magical realism. The protagonist, Connor Grace, a middle-aged school teacher falls back through thirty years of time and finds himself as a teenager in the time and place of his youth. He seeks out the woman, Lorena, who was his true love when they were young adults but who had been tragically murdered. Now as a teen, he realizes she is also a teenager and alive. At this point in time, they had actually never met, but he finds her and brings her into his new young life.

Connor finds a famous professor who is an expert in spiritual journeys and become a subject of study by a team of investigators including a nuclear physicist and a Buddhist monk. He is introduced to a fellow time traveller and together they have to evade dark forces that seek to profit from their future knowledge.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, Finding Lorena: A Time Travel Romance, is it directed at any particular market?

“Finding Lorena” will appeal to readers who enjoy romance with a touch of magical realism, adventure, and suspense.

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