Love in Hopeless Places: Her Dangerous Experiment 

About the Book

Alexa Williams lived a simple life. As an athlete and a programmer, she had her troubles and had always pushed through…but this time was different. She definitely was not looking for love, nor was she looking to get mixed up in any ugly dealings, but when they say love is found in hopeless places, this could easily have been what they had in mind. Forcefully taken away from her home and all that she was familiar with for a dangerous experiment that threatened her life, things couldn’t be more hopeless. And as for love…

Jude was careless with a lot of things, including his finances, and it was this carelessness that led him to the mess in which he now found himself. He needed solutions and he needed money—lots of it and fast. So, when a job as a researcher for a deadly project became his latest opportunity, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. It was never part of the plan to get head over heels distracted, but there is no other way to describe his situation once he set eyes on the beautiful Alexa.

Things heated up fast, and now it seems like it’s all about to come crashing down. He’s stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, and now Jude must choose between what he desperately needs and what he desires more than anything.
Will Alexa and Jude live happily ever after, or does the hopelessness of dangerous circumstances make theirs the cautionary tale of once in a lifetime love that was too good to last?

About the Author

Mitchell Megaley is a romance and fiction Australian-based author who began writing at a very young age, guided by his creativity. While he was growing up, his parents restored an old brewery, which also had been a village school and a farm. Fascinated by his environment and its happenings, this fueled his inspiration for writing after wandering through stories of his new home’s previous owners. Mitchell became fond of making notes and consolidating the patchworks into more extended stories that he would rather keep for himself.

He nurtured a great passion for writing and was compelled to let others in on his archive of drafts. Mitchell Megaley began distributing more elaborated stories to the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and cities, introducing them to his world of possibilities. He moved to Australia on a journey of self-discovery. Mitchell’s books are comprised of stories inspired by his past and new experiences in Australia, accompanied by unparalleled creativity. Mitchell paints the awe-inspiring landscape of Australia in the minds of his audience in form of mouth-watering literature on each page.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

The book is a love story between Alexa, a skilled athlete and programmer, and Jude, a scientist.

The story kicks off with a little background story of the protagonists; the life they were living, trials they were facing, what they wanted from life, and what life kept serving them on a platter.

It’s a story of love, betrayal, family, and everything in between.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

Everyone can be interested in the book. There isn’t any age limit. I believe this book will be best appreciated by young adults specifically those between the age of 16 and 45.

I believe that those in this age grade will better relate to the storyline and how each scene unfolds.

Qn 3: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

I have always loved writing since I was little. I used to read a lot of books in all genres (especially romance). If I were to offer guidance to someone trying to enhance their writing, I’ll tell the person two things;

a. Explore. Don’t be afraid to explore all genres. This helped me a great deal because it broadened my imagination and fueled my passion to write.

b. KEEP WRITING. This is the best piece of advice I was given when I began my journey as a writer. Don’t wait till you’re ready because you probably never will. Write every day even when you have no idea about what to write.

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