Mr. Wolf v. The Three Pigs: Mr. Wolf Goes to Court #Book

About the Book

Once again the Three Pigs and the wolf come head to head in this creative twist of a classic fairy tale. After being defamed by the Three Little Pigs for many years, Mr. Wolf wrestles with the idea of clearing his name.In a book that reads like The Three Little Pigs meet Law and Order, Mr. Wolf decides to buck conventional wisdom and disturb decades of fragile peace in the town of Maplewood. When Mr. Wolf hires an unlikely lawyer to tell his side of the story, The Three Pigs strike back with the formidable Ms. Priggly. As Mr. Wolf rages a legal battle against the pigs, the town is ripped apart as the wolf and the Pigs clash in the civil trial of the century. As the citizens take sides, will the biases of the past be uncovered? Who will prevail in Mr. Wolf v.The Three Pigs? This is one fairy tale adults can read!

About the Authors

Marie Guillaume and William Guillaume are the voice for Mr. Wolf as he fights to tell the story the Three Pigs never wanted you to hear.

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