New-Eden & New-Babel: Dark Epoch

About the Book

In this visionary prequel, the author reveals the events leading to “The Great Demise.”

It is a time of international tensions and a growing Trade War between the two world powers. At the height of this geopolitical confrontation, the new gods unleashed an enhanced biological weapon on the human population. It can adapt and mutate by 5G frequencies.

A smear campaign of fear and disinformation keeps the population distracted.

Behind all the chaos and fake news outlets, the new gods schemed to reset human history. The goal is to isolate and change the human dynamics of the entire population. The False Prophet had provided logistics while Dogma acts as the broker between the new gods and the deep state. The old gods remain at the margin of the conflict, unaware there is a traitor in their midst.

An enigmatic character called Sassafras had emerged to challenge the New-Babel. He is a Luddite symbol in the fight against the Machinists. His identity is shrouded in mystery, but he is a symbol of resistance against the establishment.

The new gods demand young blood and worship and will stop at nothing to achieve their secret agenda.

The assault on humanity has begun!

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About the Author

From an early age, Mr. Gomez has been fascinated by subjects of mythology, folklore, ancient history, and the paranormal.

He always enjoyed art but never considered becoming an author. It all started as an outlet and a way to express his creativity.

His passion for writing had later resulted in several published Novellas and Short Stories. Mr. Gomez admits his love for storytelling, imagery, atmosphere, and symbolism.

He attends College pursuing a degree in English Language and Literature. He enjoys reading, riding his bike, and collecting coins from different countries in his spare time.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

This Novella is the prequel to New-Eden & New-Babel. It describes the events leading to my first book in what happens to be my very first series. We might say it is about the conflict between old gods and the rising new gods (the gods of technology). On one end, the forces of evil and dark entities, pulling the strings on world affairs. We learn about the Deep State, politicians, and religious leaders scheming to achieve a New World Order. The catalyst for this change is a highly aggressive and sophisticated type of virus. The result is a pandemic that completely alters the entire international landscape and human dynamics; does it sound familiar? Anyhow, the story places technology as the cause of separation from God and mother nature. The plot revolves around the conflict between the new and the old. It is a struggle between the people who embrace technology and the ones who don’t.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

This book is not for everyone. If you are the type of person who believes everything you see on TV, this is not the book for you. My book is mainly directed for the lovers of Cyberpunk, conspiracy theories, and people with a love for both mythology and ancient history. It is a visionary Novella that may not appeal to the masses, and I am fine with that. If you happen to wonder if technology had really improved people’s lives, then you may enjoy my work. The book must be read with an open mind, or otherwise, it may not be an enjoyable experience.

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

My favorite author is and has always been H.P. Lovecraft. His stories are just amazing and captivating. He is one of the few writers that had been able to create an entire universe of its own. His story “At The Mountain of Madness,” is one of my old-time favorites!

Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

Never give up and never compromise your vision. Even if the entire world push to change, never, ever compromise your vision! Remember that before others can appreciate your work, you must be honest to yourself first. Study hard, do your research, and do not be afraid of failure. Writing is a long journey, so you may as well enjoy it, if not what is the point? And last, but not least important, always surround yourself with positive and empowering individuals.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

Anyone who wants to learn more about me can go to my YouTube channel:

There you can check my Book Trailers, leave comments, and gain access to my Author’s page. Please remember it is a work in progress.

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