The Broker: Deals, Steals, and Moving Forward

by D Sidney Potter

About the Book

“The fast-paced stream-of-consciousness storytelling, which reads like it came straight out of the author’s Dictaphone, isn’t always coherent, but readers will skim past the typos and tangled sentences in a rush of secondhand adrenaline. If action movies were made about real estate, this book would be one.”


About the Author

Writes about real estate & politics. 3 books over 10 years, national travel, and a contributing writer to major publications.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

It’s about commercial real estate brokerage in the late 1990s in Los Angeles and the fist fights, yell fests, and broken deals that went along with it as seen through the eyes of a Black Italian Jew, whose Father and Mother’s parents were brokers as well.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

Anyone who enjoys unresolved conflict.

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

The three books I would suggest are as follows: The Flip (Tate Publishing, 2010), The Essayist (Penguin Author House, 2017), and The Broker (Palmetto Publishing, 2020). My favorites, probably because I wrote them. In addition to the 3 or 4 books left in me at the moment.

Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

None really. To a certain extent, it’s probably better if self-taught. Although I did take a creative writing class when I was in college.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

The best place to visit my work is to visit any major online bookstores. 

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