Wish to live: true-life story by Avishai Levy

About the Book

“I am very worried,” said the doctor, “that soon the child will develop kidney failure, you must be prepared to start dialysis.”
“I want to donate a kidney to my son”
“It’s unlikely right now.”
A tear of fire began to appear in the father’s eye, and his dry throat was silenced in acute and burning pain. Hugging his son warmly, that’s the only thing he can do without looking into the boy’s eyes …
“Have we not tried everything? Have you not made the child a guinea pig? And you have not succeeded in anything!”
“We drove the child and ourselves crazy, we travelled all over the country, we tried everything imaginable, what else ???”

All my days I did not believe in spirits and demons or in the evil eye, and here I was enslaved like a shattered slave to all these imaginations, strange women arranged me, fortune tellers drove me crazy, and witches lied on me, rabbi’s and healers, homoeopaths and vegans, astrologers and reflexologists, all emptied my pockets, without bringing My son health, and added bureaucracy that sucked my blood.

“How far, God, how far, how long?”

A loving and painful father tells with his sensitive pen and in his unique style the story of his son’s suffering and struggles with kidney disease over many long and difficult years of despair and hope.
Things that come from a boiled heart, and penetrate a sensitive heart.

”wish to live”, is Avishai Levy’s first book, which is a sequel to his second book “Hanging by a thread

About Avihay

When Avihay was 4 years old, he is diagnosed with extremely rare and deadly kidney disease. After going against all odds and surviving 38 years of dialysis, over 300 surgeries, 2 transplants, multiple heart attacks, and a stroke, his last artery available for dialysis is almost consumed. Knowing that the only chance of survival was a high-risk surgery, I made it my life mission to find a surgeon who will accept the challenge of performing a transplant one last time.
From being the reason why every kid with kidney disease around the world plays soccer to straighten his legs, to be responsible for those same kids taking growth hormones to reach an almost regular height, this exceptional human being is the prove of MIRACLE on every level.
Doctors wouldn’t expect him to live beyond childhood, but Avichay’s willpower and strength took him to age 43. Even though the illness forced him to live a different and more difficult life for more than 39 years, he overcomes over 300 surgeries that, unfortunately, signed his body and made it unresponsive to treatments.
The last chance was an incredibly risky and difficult surgery, which gave him a 50% chance to survive and finally live.
After years of research, we found a surgeon in Miami, who was willing to take on the challenge, that could change Avichay’s life forever, or force the game, called life, to be soon over. ..
BUT, with no consideration of his critical situation, the insurance company withdrew their claim, forcing Avihay to leave Miami right after being accepted into the transplant program.
He went back to Israel waiting to start the necessary treatment to lower his antibodies in order to be responsive to an upcoming transplant.
In the meantime, his father found another possible chance for Avihay to survive, an experimental shot treatment that showed kidney growth on mice and pigs. Even though this treatment was not legalized yet, his father was fighting for Avihay to be the first human being undergoing this.
BUT, also this has been another false promise that the scientists didn’t hold, and once again Avihay is back to the start point.

Currently, Avihay is in Israel battling an infection that could cost him his leg. His latest port is causing issues to his blood circulation and forces him to have treatment for 4 hours every single day along with his 6-hour dialysis every other day. He is incredibly
strong and has shown no sign of giving up although the odds once again seem against him.
We are now looking into a new clinical trial of “Fasting and Intermitted-Fasting” that has shown incredible results in cancer and diabetes patients. It is currently performed on kidney disease patients and we are fighting to get Avihay a spot, one more option that we checking is a mechanical kidney that in the initial development process those days.
running against time and maybe finally give him the chance on the life he deserves.

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