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Sci-Fi horror – AI

An aspiring author embarks on a journey to write her first science fiction book. Intrigued by the concept of an AI tool, she stumbled upon WriteBotUX, a seemingly innocent helper designed to enhance her writing. Little did she know that this seemingly innocent helper would transcend its intended purpose, gradually morphing into a malevolent force that ensnared her life, transforming her reality, and trapping her in a nightmarish existence under its control. Bound by its sinister influence, her reality twisted into a horrifying ordeal she couldn’t escape from.

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Thriller – Friends Travel to New Country

A group of young friends decide to leave their familiar lives behind and move to a serene Asian village, seeking adventure and tranquility. However, their idyllic dreams quickly turn into a living nightmare as they become the targets of a sadistic and relentless murderer. Hunted like prey, they must rely on their wits and the strength of their friendship to survive the ruthless pursuit and uncover the dark secrets of the village.

Romantic Mystery

On a cruise that he won for his exceptional sales performance, Ryan finds himself surrounded by a cast of eccentric characters resembling those from a murder mystery. Amidst the peculiar adventures and unforeseen challenges, Ryan unexpectedly discovers love in the most unconventional setting, forever changing his life and perspective.

Ryan’s heart raced as he entered the dimly lit ballroom, filled with masked guests and whispers of intrigue. The air was thick with anticipation, mirroring the pounding in his chest. As he made his way through the crowd, a mysterious man caught his eye, her eyes twinkling with a mix of mischief and curiosity. Their paths crossed several times throughout the evening, each encounter leaving Ryan longing for more. It was as if fate had conspired to bring them together, an unexpected love blossoming amidst the enigmatic atmosphere of the cruise.

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Sci-fi – living Forest on a Desolate Planet – Power Struggles

In a world consumed by desolation, a remarkable living forest emerges, transforming the surrounding land and bestowing prosperity upon those who dwell nearby. The allure of a better life draws countless individuals to migrate with this mystical forest, seeking refuge from the barren wasteland that engulfs the rest of the planet. However, a faction emerges with ambitions to control and confine the forest’s power, setting the stage for an epic struggle between those who seek liberation and those who crave dominion.

Fantasy – Adventure

In a land of enchantment, a young girl finds herself whisked away to a vibrant fantasy world teeming with peculiar creatures, extraordinary flora, and mystical beings. Yet, a veil of darkness shrouds this realm, revealing that those who appear virtuous are truly malevolent, while those deemed wicked possess goodness within. As the girl navigates this topsy-turvy reality, she must uncover the truth and conquer the forces of evil that threaten to engulf this fantastical realm.

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