Adventures with Cali and Odin

About the Book

Adventures with Cali and Odin is a faith-based children’s book where kids can relate to fun imaginations by role-playing with their own mommies and daddies at home. This book also teaches children about making good or bad choices as well as learning what forgiveness means. This book encourages children to ask questions about the Bible and for parents to teach their kids about Jesus and salvation.

About the Author

Freddy Jaramillo and his family reside in Central Florida. Adventures with Cali and Odin is a good genuine Christian Faith-based children’s book that helps identify the good choices versus bad known as “sin”. Cali and Odin are in fact based on my very own two kids who have great imaginations. It also encourages parents to read and introduce the Good News of Jesus Christ through His salvation by believing in God’s Mercy and Grace. I pray that this book reaches many families and that it helps bring up questions about Jesus and the Bible. May God Bless every child and family that comes across our book. Thank you for your love and support!

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