Father’s belt: A diary of an abused child

About the Book

Marie is a shy, withdrawn teenager. Every day she experiences physical and mental abuse from the people who are supposed to protect her. Besides that, she is struggling with her insecurity which is making her unable to defend herself. Can she survive in such an environment?
She is just one of the millions of children who experience some kind of abuse; physical, mental, or sexual. Most of this abuse is unknown to the world outside. The goal of this short book is to contribute to raising awareness about this topic. It is inspired by true events that happened recently as well as the author’s childhood.
“It’s a powerful ride of emotions using little child’s language and viewpoints as a tool to tell the story” – Goodreads review

About the Author

Jan Balaz is a debuting author. Currently, he works as an IT specialist. He also volunteers as a fundraiser.
He is a child abuse survivor. That’s the reason his book deals with child abuse topic.

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