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About the Book

MIND: PSYCHOLOGY The Untold Story of How Your Mind Works
This is a book about the most important discoveries in psychology. Not just the gnawed bones of the studies in a textbook, but what has been left out of what you think you know. From Genius to Suicide Bombers, from Science to Sex, all the best they never told you in school.
• New Evidence: How learning “hardwires” the brain for language, emotion, culture, sex….
• The Brain: How experience controls the biology of the brain: Adrenalin, Cortisol, and Neurotransmitters flood the brain in response to words, Hollywood horror movies, anxiety-producing thoughts, and the girls shrieking “Witch, Witch!” at the Salem witch trial…
• Quest for the Mind Code; how the mind is programmed by the environment.
• MInd Control is an everyday occurrence. Psychology’s General Theory of Relativity; Kamikaze pilots, suicide bombers, celebrity, Tank Killing dogs, sex, and Sacred Cows.
•The success of Genius is not about the brain; it is about learning how to think. How the greatest minds in history made their discoveries, in their own words

• Cogito, ergo, cogito cogito: I think, therefore, I think, I think. The fact that we can think has created the illusion that we do think. Test yourself. Perception determines our reality.

• What the greatest minds in psychology know about how the mind works. Understanding how the mind works gives us the potential to control our own mind, just as Einstein’s understanding of the atom gave us the potential to control the atom. We are far behind in that understanding.

About the Author

David Lloyd Shepard is a textbook author with 15 years experience as an associate clinical psychologist and 21-years teaching psychology. He is the author of PSYCHOLOGY: The Science of Human Behavior and FORCES OF LIFE: Psychology and Success or Failure in Life, as well as The New PSYCHOLOGY: A Unified Field of Brain, Mind, Behavior, Cognition, Perception, Culture and LifeThis is his first book…and probably his last.

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