Stasis: A Novella

About the Book

A scientist attempts to solve the world’s climate crisis, but unwittingly unleashes forces bent on the destruction of all mankind in this riveting 23,000 word science fiction novella.

The near-future. Coastlines around the world lay submerged under water due to the rising sea levels. Cryobiologist David Boreas proposes a bold plan to the IPCC. Every human being on the planet will enter cryostasis, with a rotating twenty million let out into the world each day, drastically reducing mankind’s carbon emissions. A year passing between each day lived.

The plan is quickly adopted.

The planet heals itself, the winters slowly return, yet a growing resistance emerges. David soon watches as each succeeding day reveals the aftermath of an increasingly violent year. Will he be able to convince his project leaders to alter their course? Or will the unforeseen consequences of his creation rise up to destroy the world he set out to save?

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