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About the Book

The greatest story ever told – is the story of us.

An unlikely combination of Dan Brown’s history & Harry Potter’s magic, this is a reimagining of humanity’s origins & legends as lived by those who were there.

The tale of three friends in ancient Babylonia, who through trial, joy, & danger, discover the secrets of the eterniverse & must ultimately overcome its enemies – & choose a destiny for us all.

The theories of today, myths, & historical tales of the divine on earth intertwine in the lives of brothers Arda, Dagan, & their friend Shala who find themselves part of an eons-long struggle.

Both angels & daemons are eager to keep & protect a Nephilim of their own after the flood that had nearly eradicated the species in 2,348 BC. Dubious caretakers, retired Gregori, & stoic priests will guide them as they face the perils in the guarded streets of the city, & come of age at the White Temple of Ninurta.

All the while, the Kings of Babylon that had commissioned the building of a tower in 1,697 BC to honor Marduk, concealed the purpose of a golden Orichalcum rod rising within its core.

From Atlantis to the farthest reaches of space, from dreamscapes & battlefields to the very edge of death, the trio must endure the evil in the world & the darkness that dwells within, & finally confront their hopes, fears, fate, & each other.

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About the Author

I’m a logistician by day and a writer by night – or any spare time I can carve from daily duties as husband to my wife Samantha and father to my four-year-old son Leo.

It’s been a relatively secret dream and aspiration to become an author, but there were two moments that ignited a spark to the dry kindling I had neglected for most of my life. In my late teens, a specific film was the first catalyst. I cannot recall what it was about, maybe it doesn’t even matter, but it was sufficiently profound that it prompted the first draft of The Eternilim, which was then known as ‘The Tower’. It burnt bright and hot and faded around 20,000 words – either due to inspiration dwindling or the inevitable intrusion of adult life.

The second spark came when I was thirty-four at a church service I attended some random Friday in Dubai. I spoke with an odd but friendly stranger, cannot recall his name, and can only remember we spoke about fishing or kayaking and water leaking from his roof – but after meeting him (the service itself may have had some influence), I knew the very next day I would restart the story that began so many years ago. And as I ventured down the road of an obscure, wannabe writer, wrought with anxiety and self-doubt, I also rediscovered my passion for the craft and the fresh desire to share it with the world. So here we are, my poetry, early teen years to today, sporadic essays and my once shy stories. I hope you enjoy their company as I have.

Qn 1: Can you tell us more about your book What is it about?

Over the last three years, I’ve written my debut novel.

It is called ‘The Eternilim Part 1 – Babel’.

In a nutshell, it’s about how two brothers and their friend grow up in ancient Babylon and discover the origins of the human and the divine, the craft they used, the Annunaki and Nephilim kings of the past, and the real reason for Eve’s betrayal – It’s an alternative history where the true purpose of the tower of Babel and the confusion of languages is revealed. At its core, the story weaves many beliefs, ideas, and concepts of our history into one unifying narrative.

Qn 2: Who do you think would be interested in this book, is it directed at any particular market?

The answer is yes and no.

It would be of specific interest to those fascinated with our ancient past, in particular how the reported and or scientific perspectives intermingle with the more mythological, aspects.

In a broader sense, the story explores philosophical issues and offers interesting alternatives to general beliefs that may hold a wider appeal.

Qn 3: Out of all the books in the world, and all the authors, which are your favourite and why?

I have a lot of respect for Stephen King and his body of work and recently read The Institute which I thoroughly enjoyed. His memoir ‘On Writing’ is probably my favorite. Neil Gaiman is also up there, in particular, his Sandman series and Good Omens which are both in the same vein as ‘The Eternilim’. I am currently reading Elsewhere by Dean Koontz.

These are my favorite authors because I enjoyed their stories, and as such, am also most influenced by their style of writing. Which I can only hope shines through at least a little bit.

Qn 4: What guidance would you offer to someone new, or trying to enhance their writing?

The best advice I’ve heard and what I try to apply:

  1. Keep reading, and read different authors and genres. This is where you learn.
  2. Write as much as possible, even if it is just outlines of future ideas. This is how you practice your craft. My go-to is poetry. Not only does it enhance vocabulary, but also expands and challenges your creative mind
  3. The law-of-little-bits. Do something every day, even just one sentence. Inches matter because they accumulate, and eventually give way to larger daily work volumes.

Qn 5: Where can our readers find out more about you, do you have a website, or a way to be contacted?

My website is
I can be contacted at

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