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It is summer 2030. Truth is the weapon and profit is the territory. Over thirteen intense days, combatants wage war, wielding influence and prestige. Behind the screens, wealthy recluse Marvin Stone has unimaginable power and rewrites the rules of the game. As the rules change, a former fashionista struggles to adjust. On the continent, the popular and charismatic King Cordial of Vale works covertly to undermine his rivals. His youngest daughter, Costmary, is in the cross-hairs. Rue, his older daughter, takes on an exciting new challenge and Gala, Cordial’s first-born, when she is named Princess Regent, forges new ties and unveils her master plan.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Full Hundred!!

Author Lily Nicole has written a masterpiece and in it, she skilfully navigates the world of tomorrow within a timeframe of two weeks. Throughout the story, politics, romance and family struggles all play out in the news as a genius programmer runs everyone’s lives. “The Quarter Percent” offers one hundred percent of Lily Nicole’s imagination. Or is it future warning of what we will experience if our lives are run by a group of programmers? The truth is, 2030 is not far away and it is anyone’s guess.

The main characters Gala, Rue, Augustine and Marvin Stone, with their individual traits and emotional struggles, provide an opportunity for us to see what life is like when we are caught up in codes. What I appreciated most about the book is the character and world building written within 13 chapters. The descriptive narrative made it easy for me as reader to fully imagine and bring to life the personalities in this story. The dialogue is also great. The different tones, languages and accents of the characters shone through in the book.

The book is a great read not only for programmers, but also for the curious readers and other authors interested in novels centered on an expertly designed storyline involving science, technology, future and humans. An interesting mix of modern living that could be said is art imitating life with a slice of future realities.

The world of humans and technology interface in this uniquely designed authorship which leads much to be pondered and discussed as the clock ticks.

5.0 out of 5 stars Feast for techies!!

“The Quarter Percent” by Lily Nicole is a science fiction story with drama, suspense, and mystery. My favorite parts were the tech parts. Especially reading how Marvin Stone manages and manipulates people using huge databases of information. Anyone who loves science fiction will love reading about the different aspects of social life in and around the year 2030. The author has effectively narrated the evolution of various leading-edge technology trends such as deep learning, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, use of chatbots, etc. which lead to the creation of a completely new type of ecosystem that is erasing the Internet. Some very interesting and fascinating concepts such as Pai – Project for the Archived Internet’ and ‘My jelly block’ that is only accessed by the super-elite, create a backdrop for the story. I found this book to be really easy to follow. It has almost realistic science fiction. I even tried to search for some of the terms online. I don’t do spoilers, so can’t tell you all of the complete of the storylines, you just need to read it for yourself. I will say this: I’ve never read a story like it, and has really made me think. You need to read this story. Hope that someday this story translates into a TV miniseries or a blockbuster movie.

5.0 out of 5 stars Science Fiction At its Best

The Quarter Percent by Lily Nicole is a science fiction and a hint of mystery.
Imagine being able to see what the future could hold for us and what could possibly happen in the year 2030 in a two week timeframe. The author does an amazing job describing what 2030 could look like and the changes that are possibly coming, the six characters that play a part in this story telling us about how easy it is to have someone take your data information to use it against you, even destroy you.

One of the strongest characters Marvin stone is such a powerful entrepreneur, knowing what people want and giving them anything they need for a price of course. With the understanding he knows how powerful he is against anyone.

The author does an outstanding job creating a vision of each character, their jobs and giving us the vision that these secret things in technology may actually happen, and how far we have come from the internet.

I think this book would be great for anyone that is very much into futuristics. Programmers as well as others will get a handle on what may be coming in the near future and the changes that programmers are going to possibly bring to life.

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