This Is My Black

About the Book

This is My Black is about seeing the beauty within. It was written to encourage and inspire my granddaughter Aubree who has been teased, bullied, mocked, and ridiculed because of her light skin and blonde hair or as some would call it Albinism. This is My Black is the self-defining moment of her as she discovers herself in so many beautiful things such as pearls, the sunshine, the powerful things like the Lion and the beauty of diversity within her family. Aubree learns to see herself in all things while also telling and showing others that “you too can appreciate and love the Beautiful Hue of YOU!!!

About the Author

Bishop Marcia is the grandmother of Aubree. Her work is rooted in helping women and girls heal and see themselves beyond the pain. As one who was bullied, spat on and condemned for the color of her skin she found writing is one of the ways in which she can bring the lived experiences associated with our pain to purpose and power. Bishop Marcia is the Founder and Executive Director of Black Women Rising and the Black Appalachian Coalition. The work of her organization is to bridge the gap between narrative and story for healing and for social change. She is also the Founder and Presiding Prelate of Forever Changed Ministries, a Ministry Without Walls and the Daughters of Naomi. She is the proud mom of 6 wonderful adult children and 11 marvelous grandchildren.

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