God’s Cradle

About the Book


From what, at first, appears to be a wild goose chase, science and religion are about to collide in apocalyptic circumstances. After the discovery of an enigmatic structure in the barren wastelands of Antarctica, specialist members of a small away team, Abi Fox and Tom Black are tasked with investigating what becomes known as the Anomaly.

In circumstances never previously experienced by humans, Abi and Tom are confronted by an alien entity challenging them with two simple questions: Does God exist? Is humanity fit to be saved from an alien-engineered apocalypse?

Cryptic clues, put to them by an alien mindset, test their ability to hang on to reason and solve the greatest enigmatic mystery of all time. Are they dealing with Gods or aliens, angels or demons? Does God exist, and if so, what is it? Will the enigmatic aliens carry out their threat to destroy planet Earth?

Beware – all is not as it seems.

About the Author

Richard Kellier is a poet, artist, writer and author of Progeny of the Shrine and God’s Cradle. Now retired, he has worked as a laboratory technician, specializing in biological sciences, database programmer, website designer, and is a former member of the Institute of Science and Technology.

Richard writes for a sub-genre of science fiction he prefers to call Sci-Fi Mystery. The stories presented in his novels are firmly based on planet Earth, where scientific mysteries provide abundant material for the writer.

Fascinated by the deeply mysterious he writes for those who share an interest in the abounding enigmas that surround us. His novels combine the mysterious past with the science of the here and now.

Spare time interests include playing acoustic guitar. His favourite author is Michael Crichton.

Richard Kellier is a pseudonym.

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