Between Love & Shadows: An Urban Fantasy by Juan Reyez

About the Book

It’s not easy to live in a city where your emotions can literally change reality….

Nineteen-year-old Ana has a secret bodyguard, a tall and ominous shadow willing to take on anyone that hurts her—usually kept in check as long as she maintains her good-girl facade—Until the day she can’t repress it anymore, and years of guilt and frustration transforms her dark guardian into a violent, monstrous snake. Only with the help of a mysterious young biker a disaster is prevented, but for how long?

The savior’s name is Leo, a stubborn guy, troubled by his old personal demons, so the least he needs in his life is more drama—and Ana is a ticking time bomb—Yet, she will need his help now that she has uncovered the inner beast hiding in everyone’s heart. Now, trapped in a series of Shadow Duels where a part of her ego is in play, she must confront the people that have hurt her, with her new snake fighting by her side, ripping each rival to pieces… Hey, nobody said that getting your pride back would be pretty.

About the Author

Juan Reyez is a Mexican writer, currently working on his debut series.

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