Buried Treasures: By the Author of the Dragonfly Series by Gloria W. Nye

About the Book

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Treat yourself to a mini oasis and enjoy a short story. Gloria Nye, the award-winning author of the Dragonfly Series novels, has written 19 stories that will tickle your fancy.

“If a short story is a literary snack, this book is a banquet of sensory delights: suspenseful, surprising, humorous, touching, mystifying and inspiring.”

*What’s a person to do when they wake up in the book they were reading?
*What happens when a Quantum physicist meets the Easter Bunny?
*How does an aspiring actress deal with seventeen bossy crows?
*And is a young autistic man fated to live closed off forever from human connection?

All of these, and more, await your reading pleasure when you have ten minutes while waiting for a bus or a train, on a coffee break, or just need some time out.

“Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.” ― Neil Gaiman

Buried Treasures: By the Author of the Dragonfly Series by Gloria W. Nye

About the Author

Gloria W.Nye has won several prizes for her short stories. First prize at the Elora Writers’ Festival, third prize at the Words Alive Literary Festival in Sharon, ON, honourable mention at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival and has been shortlisted several times at the Writers’ Union of Canada.
Gloria is also the author of The Dragonfly Series novels. So far there are three books, each telling a story of how a dragonfly brooch helps each woman find her own strength and express her own power. The first one, The Hidden Vow takes place in 1250 England, when women had no power. This introduces the special powder dragonfly brooch that a tradesman made for his only love. The second book, The Broken Promise is a modern tale of a woman struggling with low self-esteem and through interaction with the same “magic” dragonfly learns to love herself and find the love of her life. The third book, The Forbidden Path, is set in 1666 England, a time of the Black Plague and the worst fire London has ever known. Our heroine also finds the same dragonfly who gives her strength in the many challenges she faces. Gloria is working on the fourth book now, due to launch in the spring of 2022.
As well as writing novels, she loves to write short stories and continued to be inspired by this genre. So look for the second book of those as well. She lives in southern Ontario, beside a wide river and 12 acres of forest. A great place to write and just be.

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