The Sticky Tricky Kisses: 1 (Speak Up…Kid series) New Children’s PictureBook! Author @ravisha79118790

The Sticky Tricky Kisses: 1 (Speak Up…Kid series) Now Available on Amazon!

About the Book

It’s school poetry night, and six-year-old Jason has a story to tell. He has a big, happy family – but when they all get together, they give him LOTS of kisses.

Jason likes his family and their friends, but their greetings feel awkward and unhygienic to him, and he doesn’t want to be kissed anymore!

Determined to honour his personal boundaries, Jason comes up with a fun and creative way to greet adults on his own terms.

Young readers will enjoy this delightfully illustrated rhyming story that raises important questions about personal boundaries. Through Jason’s experience, parents and caregivers can discuss a tricky social issue and help their children to set healthy boundaries to protect themselves.

About the Author

Dr. Ravisha Bhardwaj was born in Chandigarh, in India’s north, and currently lives in the “Royal City” of Patiala. Passionate about health and wellbeing, this multi-tasking mother is also one of the few female orthopaedic surgeons serving in a government-run hospital in India. When her son was only a few months old, Ravisha was distressed to see a family acquaintance kissing him on the mouth before he was old enough to consent. It inspired her to write this book, to help children distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate physical interactions. However, authoring her first book is just the latest in a series of artistic and sporting successes for Ravisha. A multi-medallist (including gold) at a national level in Fencing, she also loves to draw, paint, and has sung traditional Indian music on her YouTube channel @RavishaBhardwaj. Ravisha is already planning the next books in her Speak Up! series for kids. email-

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